MEF for Loading themes/resourceDictionaries

Hmm… One more acronym to remember :).. “The Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) is a new library in .NET that enables greater reuse of applications and components. Using MEF, .NET applications can make the shift from being statically compiled to dynamically composed. If you are building extensible applications, extensible frameworks and application extensions, then MEF is…


WPF Test Helper Library

Testing your application is a critical part of the development lifecycle. However, as part of testing we often reinvent the wheel when it comes to helpers. How many of you out there have written file, input, and so forth helper classes. We realized this and decided to put out an open source project that delivers…


Translation bot for Messenger

Did you know about it. I tried it out today and it works pretty well. All you need to do is add as one of your contacts. Start the conversation with the bot and it asks for the source and target language and from then on you have a translator bot doing the translation….