Drag drop library updated

The drag drop entry that I had posted has been used by a lot of you guys out there and I have received a lot of suggestions/bugs. I also got a few ready made fixes from you... Thank You 🙂 ...  So I finally got down to incorporating all these changes and got the new library up ... One frequent problem was the adorner flickering and this was a result of the adorner being deleted and created ... so thats fixed. There are also some fixes, code moving around and the usual stuff.

Hope you find the new library useful 🙂

Library attached

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  2. Pavan Podila says:

    Hi Lester,

           Could you give a quick round-up of the changes you made in the library so that I can incorporate it in the original DragDropManager…(http://blog.pixelingene.com/?p=9)



  3. Lester says:

    as mentioned, the code is restructured to use classes not interfaces.. This is more of a preference to separate out drag/drop logic. Many readers seemed to prefer such a design. There were also some fixes related to the adorner appearing at (0,0), the mouse postion being reported incorrectly, and the flickering of the adorner. Also some of the code was moved back to the library so that the user classes remain small.

  4. Peter says:

    Hi Lester,

    I want to use your library on TreeView. Everything works just fine, except one thing. How would you implement highligting of treeview items which are dragged over? I tried to add event trigger, but drag drop manager either eats preview drag/drop events or all TreeView items in path to root are highlighted. Any ideas  please?

    thanks Peter

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  7. partha says:

    What are the liquidnet control references? those are missing.

  8. Pavan Podila says:

    Thanks Lester…I will incorporate them into the library. This also makes me think that I should put up a CodePlex project so that there is a single point of access.

  9. partha those are dead references.. prj has been updated

    Peter, if the events are being eaten by drag drop manager you should still be able to listen to them if the events are set correctly.. check the AddHandler function… the last parameter is a bool which when set to true bubbles up the events even if they are handled.. this might be handy in ur scenario

  10. BladeWise says:

    Have you noticed that dropping an object over a TextBox in the CanvasExample clones the dragged object?

  11. cmyk1 says:

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  12. Torbjörn Kalin says:

    Good stuff!

    I get a compile error in the XAML file though (both in this and the old version). Here’s a fix:


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