LIVE: The Syndicated Client Experiences Starter Kit & Reader SDK

Finally, the Reader SDK is out ... From the windowsclient site

"These Syndicated Client Experiences applications exploit the push capabilities of RSS in a model where each application retains full control over the presentation of the content. The Sync Framework and sync service take care of syncing, caching, subscription management and the safe caching of authentication credentials. These services are designed to help publishers focus on what matters to them most: providing differentiated content experiences with very rich content, branding, skinning and custom user interface elements for an optimal end-to-end user experience"

You can now create rich applications like the below very easily... 🙂 can download the msdnreader here

"Included in this SDK:

  • Visual Studio and Expression projects

    • Sample Generic Reader (complete end to end sample, full source code)
    • MSDN Reader (application, feed and full sample source code)
    • Reader Quick Start wizard
    • Photos: a simple sample demonstrating a syndicated photo experience (full sample source code)

  • An integrated branded boostrapper for .Net 3.0 deployment and app installation via Click-Once
  • Content Sync Extensions for RSS 2.0 for rich, nested, authenticated feeds
  • SCE sync service and desktop UI redistributable components "

To get started, begin with this link

We provide samples, tutorials, hands on labs .... This should help in ramping up really fast.

Also, since this is a beta we would appreciate your feedback...

Happy coding... and do ping me with your completed Syndicated Client Experiences app... 🙂

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  2. Finally, the Reader SDK is out … From the windowsclient site "These Syndicated Client Experiences

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