XamlPadX V3.0

So I finally got some time to upgrade XamlPadX... One of the things that I really wanted to add was the plugin support and here you have it. So now users can create their own addins which will plug into xamlpadX.

Addin developers can use 3 functionalities of XamlPadX:

     void ChangeAppBackground(String str);
     String textBoxContents { get; set; }  //this is the content in the xaml textbox
     int TextBoxCaretIndex  //this is the caret index in the xaml textbox

The color pallette is now included as an addin - so on installation we already have one plugin ready. All selected addins are included in the menu. To create a new addin, all you need is to create a control which extends AddInAddInView shown below

      ColorPallette : AddInViews.AddInAddInView

 You could override the SendSignal call which is made by XamlPadX on first displaying the addin...

Bear in mind that the addins will work only with .NET 3.5 installed...Even if you dont have it, we catch the exception but allow running the app.

The addin feature wouldnt have seen the light hadnt it been for Keith, who is now in the Silverlight team 🙂 ... Thanks Keith.

The other interesting feature added in 3.0 is the Loading option. You can now load dlls and have them referenced in xaml.

 The sample Xaml snippets have also been enhanced... Right click in the editiable textbox and check out the samples 🙂

Additional enhancements include perf, code restructuring, bugs, .... you get it 🙂

Download/Setup: Click here 

You might want to uninstall XamlPadX if you already have it.


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Comments (15)

  1. Everybody must be in 'Holiday' mode. No submittals, so I'm going with product I've found

  2. Adam Hill says:


    Which weather widget are you displaying in the bitmap in this post?

  3. Marlon Grech says:

    Great job !!!

    Can you please post some more info on how one can create plugins for this wonderful tool??


  4. yeah thats a good idea.

    for now, create a usercontrol project. Let the user control class implement the AddInAddInView interface. Then place the resultant dll in the Addins folder… that should make it visible in the addins dialog

  5. Marlon Grech says:

    I tried that but it did not work… I also tried to decorate my class with the Addin attribute (the one in .Net3.5) but still noting was showing in the plugins dialog 🙁

  6. in your xaml

    <f:AddInAddInView x:Class="customaddin.UserControl1"

        xmlns:f="http://foo&quot; Height="200" Width="200"



         <Rectangle Fill="red" Height="100" Width="100"/>



    Code behind

    [AddIn("MyAddin", Description="This is my addin", Publisher="MS", Version="")]

       public partial class UserControl1: AddInViews.AddInAddInView




    Place the resultant dll in

    Addins(your addin name).

    Restart Xamlpadx

  7. Marlon Grech says:

    Thanks to your help I managed to do it 🙂 Thanks a lot… Happy Christmas and a happy new WPF year

  8. marlongrech says:

    Hello there,

    I created a plugin for XAMLPadX that generates path geometry… have a look



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  10. Current version of XamlPadX Version 4.0 Older Versions Version 3.0 Version2.5 Version2 Version 1.5 Version

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