Creating Addins for XamlPadX

I got a few queries after releasing XamlPadX v3 regarding creating addins for the tool. So here is a small post on it. 🙂 Create a customControlLibrary project. Add a reference to the AddInView dll present in the XamlPadX folder which is located in the program files folder. Also add a reference to the 3.5…


XamlPadX V3.0

So I finally got some time to upgrade XamlPadX… One of the things that I really wanted to add was the plugin support and here you have it. So now users can create their own addins which will plug into xamlpadX. Addin developers can use 3 functionalities of XamlPadX:      void ChangeAppBackground(String str);     String textBoxContents {…


.NET 3.5 Namespaces poster

As the title says, you can now have a poster of all the  namespaces in .NET 3.5.. Its nice to have it near your desk 🙂 Click on the image to go to the poster.. Share this post