Classic Menu Addin for Office 2007

The office ribbon UI is very successful in highlighting all the hidden features. However, people very accustomed to the menu UI sometimes find it to be a big mountain to climb when it comes to using this UI. Trying to ease this transition is the RibbonCustomizer which provides the ClassicUI as a tab in the ribbon. The download provides a free version which does exactly this... More ribbon customization comes with a price 🙂 .. It clearly shows why the new UI is better...


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Comments (5)

  1. reno says:

    Very cool thanks.  I’ve always wanted the old toolbar back and it’s great to be able to have the option back again.

  2. Hi Reno, I would recommend getting familiarized with the Ribbon UI as it surfaces a number of hidden useful features. Try the classic option in case you hit a dead end 🙂

  3. James says:

    After all we have to live with the Ribbon & it will never go, why not to try free download of some addins for old menu in office 2007, thate are avaliable from menuaddins page of below site.



  4. Ronnn says:

    Used to be a time when consumers could steer the design community.  We did it recently with Dell, in demanding they stop forcing Vista on customers.  They listened, and started offering Win XP on certain systems.  I’ve spent enough time in 2007 to loath the stupid ribbon.  Why would anyone want to click twice to accomplish a task that used to require one click?  MS needs to get their heads out of their behinds and build into their programs CLASSIC views and toolbars to reward their loyal customers for sticking with them.  Otherwise, we’re all going to be jumping ship and running full bore towards Open Office.  AT least they’ll listen…

  5. TDW says:

    After suffering through two months of hell with the accursed "ribbon" I am elated to find an add-on that returns the concise, space-saving drop-down menus of all of the preceding Office versions. The Office 2007 interface abortion will now disappear forever.

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