3.5 released with many features!!!

You can now download Visual studio 2008 Beta2 and .Net 3.5 Beta 2. The link is here

So whats new in 3.5

- Support for Addins

- Xbaps now run in FoerFox

- Cookies can be shared between XBAP's and Web Apps

- Better support for binding to BindingList coll and LINQ

- new UIElement3D, ContainerUIElement3D, ModelUIElement3D classes which make 3D stuff easy

- Place 2D elements on 3D using Viewport2DVisual3D

- RichTextBox has embedded elements enabled (IsDocumentEnabled property)

- IME support has improved. Filtering text in IME is now a well suported scenario

- and many other features...

btw, i'll try posting a few samples with these bits in a few days đź™‚


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