Maps integrated into Live Search

Live Search has now integrated maps into the search itself.. so now if you type in an address you get a map at the top of the search which is interactive... ain't that sweet

Search: 156th ave redmond

Search: traffic redmond

Search: map

Fom the Virtual earth blog:

  • Enter the word “Map” and Live Search will try to automatically determine your current city and show you a map of your surrounding area
  • Similarly, the words “Traffic” or “Commute” will show you’re the current traffic conditions around your area if available.


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    Comments (2)

    1. Andrew Denny says:

      This feature sounds great!  However, Live Maps isn’t working properly yet.  Leastways, not in the UK. For example, I’m currently in a town called ‘Shackerstone’ in the UK midlands.  Type the name into Live Search, and I get a list of search results, none of them relevant.  Click on the proffered ‘maps’ link at the top, and it assumes I’m searching for a business called ‘Shackerstone’ in – guess where? – Redmond, WA, USA!

      It’s a shame, because apart from the search, Live Maps is much better for me than Google.

      Trouble is, I can’t find a way of telling the Virtual Earth team about this bug.  Any tips?

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