WPF Blog Writer

Recently, I was trying my hand at creating a simple blog writer. The writer came out pretty nice.

The app makes use of a base richEditor control (thanks to Praj).. After a bit of tweaking it ended up like the above... So the app just makes a simple call in the xaml <custom:RichEditor/> ...tada ... you have it there!!!

The next thing is to write to a blog... In this case, the writer is coded to post the entry on blogger, which makes use of the Google data API.. this could easily be changed for other blogs. It also makes use of a Xaml-HTML converter as the string passed needs to be in HTML.

For now, its a blog writer - hence, it onluy writes. But it could easily be extended into a full blown Blog client. Do I hear anyone taking it up 🙂

The code is attached.. so have fun with it ..

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Comments (3)

  1. Dan says:

    I think the Windows Live Writer should take it up of re-writing the client in WPF because the current beta is really bad (e.g., choppy window drawing).

    – Dan

  2. I actually agree with Dan, the Live Writer Team should focus on building a new WPF client and perhaps trash the old one..

    Gonna check out your source anyway, looks good!

  3. This past winter, I had coded a custom control which has a RichTextBox with toolbar for various formatting

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