Updated WpfPerf.msi

I got a couple of mail regarding the performance tools... The good news is that the Windows SDK which was released a week ago has the updated WPF perf tools. WPFperf.msi comes as part of the SDK.

 You would have to uninstall previous versions of the msi before installing the updated version.

Comments (3)

  1. Steve says:

    I do not wish to install the 3.5 SDK.  Are the updated tools available as a separate msi for .Net 3.0?

  2. Steve, unfortunately the only way to get it is by donwloading the SDK..

  3. small_mountain says:

    I wonder what’s minimally required to make the new tools work.  I downloaded the full SDK, but extracted just the WinSDKNetFxTools* files from the ISO image and ran that MSI.  That left a wpfperf.msi in the Bin directory, so I ran that, which put some files in c:Program FilesWPF Performance Suite, including WpfPerf.exe, but when I run it it crashes.  It depends on WpfPerformanceDiagnostics.dll, which did not get installed in that directory.  One wonders if all the pieces parts are actually there.


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