NewsReader apps (built using NewsReader SDK)

I hope you guys out there have tried out the New York Times NewsReader. It enriches the reading experience. It’s  more immersive in the sense that you get the feel of reading a newspaper J. Now we expand this experience to more readers. We now have Seattle P-I, Daily Mail, and come out with their own readers. Check out the video below:


Download links:

The exciting news is that we have been working on a toolkit which makes creating such readers a rather simple designing task. This toolkit is in private beta but will be released soon so that anybody could then provide a customized reader for their rss feeds.


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Comments (12)

  1. Robert says:

    How about an MSDN reader?

    (Idea stolen from another blog post..)

  2. Hi Robert, that does sound like a nice idea. Thanks

  3. Mohan says:

    Great news.

    I am hoping the SDK also addressed inserting user specific annoations, bookmarks and public blog comments to an article.

    I am assuming the main panel is a FlowDocument control, meaning,we can’t embedd flash(XAML) and video content as part of the content. It would be great if there is a way to embedd dynamic content as well – like Zinio reader (which doesn’t flow content unfortunatly).

    Can this reader be a developed as XBAP as well (and still support cached data), or does it need to be a dedicted reader app?

    This is a good start to experiment new way to disseminate news. If rich adverts can be inserted, and if web content can be easily deployed in this reader, then, we can see more adoption in main stream.

    Thanks for a good start and will be happy to be part of the testing group.

  4. Hi Mohan, we are still in beta and features will be added based on customer requests…. 

  5. Jim Burman says:

    Is there a way to obtain the SDK now?


  6. anony.muos says:

    1. How about a Wordpad replacement that takes advantage of WPF’s text engine and advanced typographic features?

    2. Similar to a standalone XPS viewer, we also need a XAML Viewer, not an IE-based.

    3. Please add GPU-accelerated effects and animation, non-destuctive on-the-fly effects composing in WPFv2.

  7. With 13 issues and over 60,000 subscribers, you are probably already familiar with the printed and PDF

  8. For those of you that read "The Architecture Journal" , here’s another option for you that actually is




  10. 微软发布架构师期刊阅读器



  11. 微软发布了架构师期刊阅读器,它是一个用来阅读架构师期刊的WPF阅读器。


  12. With 14 issues and over 60,000 subscribers, you are probably already familiar with the printed and PDF

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