WPF/E 3D(like) photo app

Often times when I go through the WPF forums, I see people getting confused with WPF and WPF/E..... (don’t miss the ‘E’)..   One of things that is on many of our minds is ‘why not xbap’. Chad summarizes the difference in his blog pretty well.

WPF/E Applications

·         Are cross-platform ready (Mac OS X and Windows)

·         Do not require the client to have the .NET 3.0 runtime. Instead, WPF/E applications run within a browser plugin.

·         Do not support code-behind

·         Rely on JavaScript


·         Require the client to have the .NET 3.0 runtime components installed.

·         Are not cross-platform enabled. They will only run on Windows machines.

·         Support code-behind

·         Must run within IE (or use the IETab plugin for Firefox)”


I decided to get my hands dirty with WPF/E and its pretty simple. What you really need to get going is:

·         WPF/E SDK

·         WPF/E template for VS (comes with the SDK but needs to be installed)

·         Expression Blend is nice to have.


No 3D support yet but you can get effects like the above pretty easily. 

Code is attached 🙂


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Comments (9)

  1. Nice application.  This looks VERY nice.

  2. ryanstewart says:

    Badass dude! Well done.

  3. Great work,… go on!  😉

  4. Lester Lobo has created a WPF/E photo viewer with a nice reflection effect. Lester didn’t host his sample

  5. I had a question of "how do i make the photo gallery of my site look cool?" Well, check this out ! Works

  6. Matias says:

    You said it was nice to have expression Blend installed to develop for WPF/e, but I’m having quiete a lot of problems making Blend’s XAMLs to work in the sandbox.

    Is there any way I can use Expression Blend to generate XAML WPF/e compatible?


  7. for now you need to be aware of wahts present in wpf/e and then manipulate the xaml to look better in blend. My approach is basically create the starting xaml in VS and the paste it in Blend; make a few simple modifications like translation and so on.

  8. Arun Mahendrakar says:


    This is really nice but I had one question.

    I modified your code to have only the center rectangle to display the image (I removed the left and the right rectanges). Now how do I stack images one behind another and when I click on any of the images behind the first one it should appear in the front. Something like this is already made in showusyourwow.com.

    Thanks for any help.


  9. this would require some animation triggers… i am sure its possible in WPF…. try posting your question on the WPF forums 🙂

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