Cool WPF app – Turning the Page 2.0

Just came across this super cool WPF web app… Its called “turning the pages” and is developed in partnership between the British Library and Armadillo Systems. This is one helluva app. Play the video below.



If that got you interested check out the app here. For more information go to their site.

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Comments (6)

  1. GerardoDada says:

    I have read several Vista reviews online from technical people, and most of them seem to miss the point:

  2. Arnaud Weil says:

    Now, that looks like a killer app… But with a slow internet connection it just doesn’t work… 🙁 Thanks for the video!

  3. Cyril Gupta says:

    Well, all of this looks good, but right now as a developer I am not focusing on Vista and I figure it will be nearly 2 years before I make anything for it. The reason is simple, Vista is so resource hungry that it is not going to use in most of the mainstream machines in use right now (at least in India). So all of this jazz is basically naught for me.

  4. Hi Cyril,

    Its a misconception that Vista is resource hungry.. You could have the same resources as XP but without the glass Aero theme – this is still way better than XP. As for resources, I use a 2GHZ, 1GB RAM, 256mb video card. This would be a pretty common config in India (yeah with a lesser video mem). I had the config (1ghz,1gb,128mb ) 6 yrs ago in India.. so its not far fetched to assume that mainstream computers would have reasonably better configs.

  5. Aaron says:

    Dude, Vista is a total hog, dont mislead people.  There is no pressing reason to shell out the cash and upgrade, so it will be a long time before even 50% of people replace their existing machine with something expensive that can run can run Vista.

  6. aaron, the question of upgrading is left to the customer whether or not they want a better experience and security. As for the resources part, you might be pleasantly surprised by what the experts have to say( It might have been the reality during the beta stages.. another thing to realise is that the high h/w configs are recommended for the glass/aero look which is not a must to experince the benefits of vista.

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