Flickr Slideshow gadget

Gadgets are fun stuff... So I thought of creating some eye candy gadget in WPF ... and it looks something like the below with the transitions:

Its a slide show which gets images from Flickr based on tags. The Flickr assemblies are from the PostItBoard sample. The customization currently is only for search tags. The images fade in and fade out and looks pretty cool.... Time between images is 12 secs ... havent provided a setting for this but its pretty simple to modify the attached code :).... so have fun ...

the gadget as well as the source code is provided... The gadget should be unzipped into the username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets\  folder.

slideshowSource And

Comments (3)

  1. Ah, now this is sweet – especially for such a sidebar freak such as me . Lester’s Flickr Slideshow gadget

  2. hmm.. i thought the gadgets are installed in the mentioned path… however, if its in the program files folder then thats where it should be 🙂

  3. Vista says:

    Don’t give in so easy 🙂 On second thought, I guess you were right so you’d better delete my message before it misleads the world. 🙂

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