Flickr Slideshow gadget

Gadgets are fun stuff… So I thought of creating some eye candy gadget in WPF … and it looks something like the below with the transitions: Its a slide show which gets images from Flickr based on tags. The Flickr assemblies are from the PostItBoard sample. The customization currently is only for search tags. The images…


Arithmetic operations in Xaml

One of the common hurdles (if you may call that) that I face while writing some xaml is performing simple arithmetic operations while binding. hmm… i am sure many have faced the same… The solution is writing an IValueConverter and you are set… For simple math like [ActualHeight+10] we can readily use the ArithmeticConverter code….


Vista – Sign off for RTM

WHOOHoo !!! For those with MSDN Premium subscriptions you will be able to download the RTM version within seven days from the MSDN Subscriber Downloads site. The same applies for the 2007 Office System.


Alternate XamlWriter – better performance

Fritzenhammer points out a performance discrepancy in XamlWriter. It turns out that optimizations to the XamlWriter will not be ready for release. If you using XamlWriter a lot, then you might want to make use of the XamlWriter provide by Rob (WPF PM) on the msdn forumns. The usage is the same and the code can be tweaked as per…


XamlPadX (update)

I got a few requests to include a color picker which turns out to be pretty useful. As such, I have included it in the pallette A few things to keep in mind so that you might not get frustrated using the tool: Default behavior:Color picker is disabled so that the pallete is functioningMouse movement…