Code for getting screen relative Position in WPF

One of the common customer queries that we see on the forums is to get the screen relative position of  a point. Currently we do not provide an API which allows this functionality. However, Nick Kramer came up with this code on the forum and it works great for LTR (left to right) systems. Following is the code for getting the screen relative position :

static Point TransformToScreen(Point point, Visual relativeTo)


HwndSource hwndSource = PresentationSource.FromVisual(relativeTo) as HwndSource;

Visual root = hwndSource.RootVisual;

// Translate the point from the visual to the root.

GeneralTransform transformToRoot = relativeTo.TransformToAncestor(root);

Point pointRoot = transformToRoot.Transform(point);

// Transform the point from the root to client coordinates.

Matrix m = Matrix.Identity;

Transform transform = VisualTreeHelper.GetTransform(root);

if (transform != null)


m = Matrix.Multiply(m, transform.Value);


Vector offset = VisualTreeHelper.GetOffset(root);

m.Translate(offset.X, offset.Y);

Point pointClient = m.Transform(pointRoot);

// Convert from “device-independent pixels” into pixels.

pointClient = hwndSource.CompositionTarget.TransformToDevice.Transform(pointClient);

POINT pointClientPixels = new POINT();

pointClientPixels.x = (0 < pointClient.X) ? (int)(pointClient.X + 0.5) : (int)(pointClient.X - 0.5);

pointClientPixels.y = (0 < pointClient.Y) ? (int)(pointClient.Y + 0.5) : (int)(pointClient.Y - 0.5);

// Transform the point into screen coordinates.

POINT pointScreenPixels = pointClientPixels;

ClientToScreen(hwndSource.Handle, pointScreenPixels);

return new Point(pointScreenPixels.x, pointScreenPixels.y);


public class POINT


public int x = 0;

public int y = 0;



[DllImport("User32", EntryPoint = "ClientToScreen", SetLastError = true,
ExactSpelling =
true, CharSet = CharSet.Auto)]

private static extern int ClientToScreen(IntPtr hWnd, [In, Out] POINT pt);

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