Animation at your fingertips!!

The other day i was looking at some kewl animated websites. Looks good but how useful they are is debatable. Anyway, it gave me an excuse to look at the animation capabilities in Avalon. And guess what!! its a blast. Let me tell you something, its really simple and you dont need to know anything…


Information on Data Binding

In one of my previous posts i briefly mentioned about data binding and I promised that I would have something on it soon… Anyway, I got hold of some articles which does a nice job of explaining it. So here are the links: What does Binding mean How should I decide whether to use DataContext…


Creating a timer

Lets move aways from the RSS readers… I hear some guys heaving a sigh of relief… hehe!! So lets start off with a timer which doesnt work as we usually expect it works backwards!! Isnt that what we all wish. Anyway coming to the point, lets have a timer which counts down and on…


RSS reader using a SinglePageViewer

Hey all, I have now moved into my new house and the reality is yet to sink in… Its been a pain unpacking all the stuff and moving things around. Yeah, this take time when you got to have things in all the right places and right angles…. I’ll be posting some pics of the…


Enable SpellCheck

An interesting feature in WPF is the availability of spell checking, which is limited to English language for now.  The code is simple: <StackPanel xmlns=’′ xmlns:x=’′><TextBox IsSpellCheckEnabled=”true”/>  </StackPanel>  As  you can see, the only addition is that of  “IsSpellCheckEnabled”. Thats all that needs to go in the code. As of today, the spell checker provides spell correction…


Lay your hands on Vista User Experience Guidelines.

The Windows Vista User Experience Guidelines (preliminary version) are Out!! You can download it from here. This document contains “information on What’s New in Windows Vista, design principles, guidelines for controls, text, windows, and aesthetics.” This is a very concise document which is helpful to both designers and developers. May the force be with you 😉