Switching Themes. Welcome to “It’s a Build Thing … “

In the past, my focus has been on the Testing Tools provided in Visual Studio.  However, since I am now working on the TFS build team, I think a switch is in order.  I’m not sure about everyone else but I,  personally, enjoy learning by looking at solutions to real world problems and applying those…


Working around the AnyCPU Limitation with Visual Studio Unit Tests

When running unit tests in Visual Studio 2010, you can run them in 64 bit mode, however, the assembly containing the tests MUST be compiled as AnyCPU.  This is because the test discovery process happens inside of Visual Studio (or inside  MSTest.exe if you are using the command line).  Since both of these applications are…


TFS Build Service Host and the Local System Account

This is going to be a very short post because there is not a whole lot to say other than if you want to connect to a TFS AT that is on a different machine … “DON’T USE IT.”  OK … A Little More Information There has been a lot of reports of the build…


Unlocking multiple CPUs for load tests run from Visual Studio

Before Visual Studio 2010, load tests run from Visual Studio were limited to run on only one CPU.  For the most part, this is the same in Visual Studio 2010.  However …, if you purchase the “Visual Studio Load Test Virtual User Pack 2010”, not only does it give you a license to run more…


Running Load Tests in Visual Studio and Virtual User Licenses

When running load tests in Visual Studio 2010, you might come across something that mentions the need for “Virtual User” licenses.  This is because, with Visual Studio 2010, each simultaneous “simulated user” needs a Virtual User License.  must be licensed.  If you try to run a load test that requires more virtual users than you…


Stand-Alone Network Emulation and CodePlex

In my post “Creating a Stand-Alone Network Emulator using VS2010 – Beta 1, I showed you how to create a stand alone network emulator using the network emulation functionality introduced in the Beta 1 release of VS2010.  Since then, the API for Network Emulation has gone through several changes and long story short, the API…


Creating a Stand-Alone Network Emulator using VS2010 – Beta 1 Release

In the Beta 1 release of Visual Studio 10, we released “True Network Emulation.”  With this release, you can simulate different types of networks when running tests (such as a unit test or load test).  One thing that is missing, however, is the ability to easily emulate different networks when not running tests using the…


Introducing True Network Emulation in Visual Studio 2010

With the Beta 1 release of Visual Studio 2010, we have introduced true network emulation for load tests and pretty much every other test type we support. What is True Network emulation? My definition of true network emulation might be different than what others might think, but I characterize true network emulation as the ability…


Visual Studio Team Test Load Agent Goes 64 Bit!

The Visual Studio Team System test platform provides host processes for running tests. In Visual Studio 2008, the host process is only capable of running tests in 32 bit mode. As a 32 bit process, it was limited to running test assemblies on the 32 bit CLR and was limited to 2GB of memory.  Now…


Did you know?

Generic tests are a means to provide test authors with a mechanism to tests created using third party frameworks.  However, generic tests can also be used to run scripts such as VBScript, JavaScript and even batch files.