I will try to translate my "UserMode Effective Debugger" to English

I almost finished my paper about "UserMode Effective Debugger" in Chinese, in my spare time. The paper is about how to debug application, like tess's blog. Now I will try to translate it to English here.

 The paper is divied into four parts. The first part is about how to think with a problem. The second part is about necessary tools and tech. The third is about CLR debugging, and the last is about experience for debug crash, performance and resource leak.

 The discussion is based on real customer cases background. Of course the customer info is obfuscated and public symbol is used for debugging.

I am not sure how much time it will take to translate them all, and please bear with my poor English. (I really do not know if I should use "passed verb")


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  1. kirann says:

    Hi Li, can you share the english version of UserMode Effective Debugger or if already done share the link to download..

    thanks in advance.


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