Introduction to the STL

Stephan from the Visual C++ team has a nice introductory post on the Standard Template Library. Headover to to watch the library and post your comments and feedback.

Learn to program Windows using C++

MSDN has a series of articles and posts on how to program Windows applications using C++. Check out the articles at I must mention that the Module 3 focusing on Direct2D is a great one to learn how to do graphics programming using Direct2D, the newest graphics technology from Microsoft. Also check out the…


Project Hilo on MSDN

The Windows Sample Gallery showcases attractive samples from the Windows SDK and will be used to feature special learning samples that highlight Windows features. The Hilo article landing page, MSDN Hilo Library content, and Hilo Code Gallery page are all content that one can use to learn about developing for Windows using native C++.  You…

Rendering Bing Maps on Windows 7 using Windows Web Services and Direct2D – Part I

The Bing Maps Web Services provide a wide array of methods that can be accessed programmatically. If you want to build desktop applications using native code, you can use Windows Web Services (WWSAPI) to access the Bing Maps Web Services. This series of three articles demonstrates using the Imagery service of the Bing Web Services…

Attending TechReady in Seattle

I am currently in Seattle attending TechReady, an internal only training and readiness event. I will begin posting entries on Windows Web Services and Direct2D once I am back from TR.

Save our Tigers

I took these pictures some time ago, at the Hyderabad Zoo while I was away on personal time off. The tigers look majestic!!I hope these pictures will help in raising awareness about the wonderful ecosystems that sustain life on earth. With just 1411 tigers left in India, we need to do every bit we can…

Hello World

Welcome to my world! I will use this blog to talk about some of the things that interest me, technical as well as non-technical issues. I am just getting started, so be patient and let the party begin