Developers, meet the Live Framework blog

We’ve been using this blog to share information about both Live Mesh the user experience, and what we formerly referred to as Live Mesh the developer platform.  With the news at PDC about Live Services and the Live Framework, it’s time to re-focus this blog on just the platform experience of Live Mesh.  We’ll continue…


How does Live Mesh relate to Azure?

In his PDC keynote just now, Ray Ozzie announced the Azure Services Platform.  Here’s the overview picture: The Live Services box at left is home to the developer services and APIs that power the Live Mesh platform experience.  Think of it this way: Live Mesh is a platform experience that is natively integrated with the…


Live Services and Mesh at PDC

PDC opens tomorrow, and while we previously pointed out some of the key Mesh-related Live Services content, we’ve changed our titles and released information on a few more sessions.  So here’s a refreshed list of ways to find us at PDC.  Keep in mind that a recording of each session should be at the URLs…


Heads up: required update to Live Mesh coming next week

With PDC just around the corner, we will be releasing the next update to Live Mesh, and it’s a major one. In fact, this is the most significant update to Live Mesh since we opened as a technology preview back in April. We know that many of you are going to be excited to see…


The Live Platform at PDC

We’ve had several posts here talking about Live Mesh as a platform, and we’ve said that we’ll tell more of that story at our Professional Developer’s Conference in October.  The session list for PDC is now mostly complete, so you can start to get a sense of what we’ll have to say about our platform:…


An Open Platform?

Our mantra for designing the Live Mesh platform has been "comprehensive, simple, open."  We’ve released two more Channel 9 videos this week to show what we mean. As far as comprehensive goes, check out Ori Amiga’s video showing off some sample apps and a peak at how the platform works under the covers.  Clients and…


Live Mesh as a Platform

I’ve been undercover for two years. After helping to get XNA off the ground, I took an opportunity to learn some new things from some very good people. The pain of working on version 1s fades after a few years, so I decided to try another one. The pain is again fresh in my mind….