Version Update for Windows (June 25, 2009)

Live Mesh for Windows 9.4014.7 has been released. It will automatically update. No action is required on your part. See the following sections for details, and thanks for using Live Mesh.

Version number

·         Live Mesh Desktop: 0.9.4014.7

·         Live Mesh PC (x86 and AMD64): 0.9.4014.7

Included in this update

·         PC – Fixes for display problems in the Resolve Conflicts dialog box on computers running Windows 7

·         PC – Improved performance in memory handling

·         Layout and link changes on

·         Server-side fixes for improved performance and stability


Thank you for using Live Mesh.  We’re working hard to create the best experience and appreciate any comments you have.  Please send your feedback on how Live Mesh can be improved, or send anonymous feedback here.  Also, if you have a moment, please rate Live Mesh.

Thank you,
The Live Mesh team

Comments (12)
  1. Asbjørn says:

    Finally! This took far too long, but better late than never. I was beginning to wonder, whether you had abandoned us.

  2. Martin says:

    Communication could be better. More frequent. More informative.

  3. dlh2009 says:

    When are we going to see an increase in the amount of space available? I have been using Mesh since it has first came and I would like to be able to put more stuff in the cloud for easier access. Mesh is a great way to do this. It would be great if you and the Windows Live Skydrive team found away to tap in to the space that Skydrive has so we can access both Mesh and Skydrive files from one spot.

  4. Mro says:

    Thanks for the update! Are there any plans to increase the 5gb limit of the service – through subscription or otherwise?

  5. Bluesman says:

    I appreciate your hard work, particularly your effort to reduce the program’s memory footprint. However, right now moe.exe is using 80 MB and moemonitor.exe is using 18 MB. That’s about 100 MB (without taking into account the explorer.exe overhead) for a program that runs 24/7. Considering the fact that some competing products use only 10 MB, I would hope that there is still a lot of room for improvement in this regard.

    Thanks again for your hard work. I look forward to your next build.

  6. Thanks for the comments!  There has not been a public announcement regarding storage space on the Mesh Live Desktop. Once an announcement is made it will be posted here, so stay tuned.

    If you’d like to read more about Mesh or send suggestions directly to the engineering team, then feel free to use the resources at  

    Thank you for using Live Mesh!

  7. Kris says:

    I would really like a built-in way to disable the remote desktop feature. I cannot allow remote desktop connections to my work computer but really enjoy the synchronized storage.

    Is this ever going to come? I would prefer if it’s possible to actually uninstall this aspect.

  8. Scott says:

    I am loving mesh, and have managed to convince a whole lot of people to start using it which is great!

    However there is on thing that could be better, you have been fixing bugs for months now which is great, but would it be possible to list the new features you are planning. You dont have to put dates or commit to something, but currently I am running three different applications for syncing (Mesh, External HDD, and an FTP site).

    If you would be able to list the features that you have locked in to be planned (opening Mac support), or even start an alpha program for people willing to test more unstable versions??

    This would be great! And keep up the great work, I am loving it.



  9. Chris Perabo says:

    I had nearly given up on Microsoft and now find myself becoming a believer again.  I would pay for the service if the .pst files could sync.  I know there are rumors, but this is the most important aspect for me.

  10. Charles Roper says:

    Still no proxy authentication? I still cannot use Live Mesh at work because it cannot connect through our ISA server. Dropbox has no problems at all. I do find it a little ironic that Mesh *still* can’t traverse Microsoft’s own firewall/proxy whereas the competition is working just fine.

    Any indication of when you might support this feature?

  11. Regarding the remote desktop, customers who do not want this feature can choose to not install the ‘Remote Desktop Enhancements’ when they install Live Mesh.  If you have accidently installed the enhancements you can uninstall/reinstall, at that time select not to install the ‘Remote Desktop Enhancements’.

  12. Thank you for the feature requests, including support for .pst files and authenticated proxies.  At this time we are continuing to improve Live Mesh, but those improvements have not been publicly announced.  Once there is an announcement it will be posted here.

    Thank you for using Live Mesh!

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