Service Update for Mac, Mobile, Live Desktop (April 27, 2009)

The Live Mesh team is pleased to announce that our next update to Live Mesh for Mac and Windows Mobile will be available later today is now available. We will also be updating have also updated the Live Desktop.  This release continues to tune performance and brings a few tweaks to the user experience, see details below. Our next update to the Windows software will be coming in the next few weeks.


  • The last location used in the folder synchronization dialog is now saved.

  • Live Mesh News will displays the date and time for all news events.


  • Improved the update experience 

  • Device status (online/offline) now properly displayed on the Live Desktop 

  • News now correctly displays the year. 

Mesh for Mac and Live Desktop are 0.9.4014.3.  Mesh for Mobile is 0.9.4014.2

Thank you for your continued support of Live Mesh!

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Comments (26)

  1. swizzlerz says:

    the update for windows mobile is it website based or softwear based as mine has not updated yet…  and ive looked online it doesn’t look like its downloadable yet..  when will we get the update?  for winmobile

    thankyou for the update looking forward to seeing if it works better 😀  well better with the storage card.

  2. Matthew Bunce says:

    I’m still not seeing an update available for either Mobile or Mac. The CAB file downloaded to add a new Mobile Device is still the old version as well. Am I missing something?

  3. allandcp says:

    I have Mesh on my Samsung Omnia (Love it!). To get 0.9.4014.3 I assume I go to Menu, About, Software Update or do I have to download a new CAB from somewhere.

    I’m currently running 0.9.3424.9

  4. Scott says:


    I am using 9.3424 and when I say update it says it is already up to date……

    Also when is

    -the Mac release going to be given out more widely? I have some mates with Macs and I want to get them using Mesh.

    -sync to external HDD

    -sync a particular folder already within a shared folder to one particular person. I meshed my whole my docs so it is online and on two computers, and want to share just one folder with someone.

    great product!



  5. Neil says:

    Shouldn’t I be able to update this from within Live Mesh on my Sprint Touch Diamond? Says no update available when I try.

  6. swizzlerz says:

    where is the update for winmobile it isn’t active yet as i haven’t been able to download it or find the cab on the mesh site. please release it.. thankyou

  7. Douglas says:

    Can’t wait to try it.  How do I go about getting it though?  I can’t find any kind of "Software Update" option in 0.9.3821.962, and the one being served by the website is the same version.

  8. Douglas says:

    Can’t wait to try it.  How do I go about getting it though?  I can’t find any kind of "Software Update" option in 0.9.3821.962, and the one being served by the website is the same version.

  9. It's been quite a while since we've seen an update to Microsoft's Live Mesh mobile client

  10. Going to Menu -> About -> Software Update tells me I already have the most up to date version.  Going off to the forums to see if there’s a download link there, but so far the auto updater is not giving me any love.  Currently running 0.9.3424.9

  11. Sounder says:

    odd, since the update my clients are no longer updating across computers. a change on one computer will change the files on my Live Desktop, but the updates won’t propagate to the other computers. Not sure if it’s because of your updates or running on the Windows 7 Release Candidate, though it was running fine on build 7000.

  12. Need help?  Reading the Live Mesh Blog is a great way to stay current with breaking news, but if you are in need of assistance we encourage you to check out these support options:

    • Live Mesh Forum –  – Ask questions to a group of very knowledgeable and helpful Live Mesh users; a great place to find answers, tips, and more.

    • Live Mesh Support Resources –   – Find links to all of the Live Mesh support options.

    • Live Mesh Connect site –  – Visit this site containing a wealth of resources including; known issues workarounds, bug submission, feedback forms, breaking news, and more.

  13. Hector says:

    Just today i got an error on my mobile phone that states "time mismatch with server". i haven’t updated yet to the latest build. its been a week or so since i ran live mesh on my phone. I did check my timezone and settings, and everything was correct. any idea whats going on?

  14. bunnyhero says:

    i just updated the mac client, and the "mesh news" window appears to be gone. if i choose "view live mesh news" from the menu, it opens live mesh news in a browser window instead. is this intentional? i liked the dedicated native window.


  15. The Mobile update can be installed thru the following procedure:

    1.  Go to from your mobile web browser.

    2.  Sign in with your Live ID

    3. You will see a link to download the new client on the main page

    4. Download the cab file to your mobile device and install it.

    5.  During installation the installer will prompt you and inform you that the previous version will be removed and the new version installed.  Select ‘OK’.

  16. George Witmer says:

    Still waiting for availability of the Mac client – your install script blissfully installed the client, and only when I tried to add the device at the end of the install did it tell me that my account wasn’t authorized to add a Mac client.  Sure wish you would have told me sooner as I can’t do anything now except uninstall it.  What a waste of time.

  17. ramonduraes says:

    I would suggest a command to check for updates.

  18. Mac Users!  There are no special requirements to use the Mac, if you have trouble installing the Mesh for Mac client at then please follow one of the support options.

    A) File a bug at

    B) Ask for help at the Live Mesh Forum

  19. Asbjørn says:

    Where is that update for Windows? Windows 7 RC1 is out and as you know, the resolve conflicts dialog is unusable on this version (

  20. Snippet from the April 27th post, "Our next update to the Windows software will be coming in the next few weeks."  As soon as its ready for our customers we’ll send it your way.  

  21. Marcul Muse says:

    I have a AT&T Fuze with WM 6.1, and under Devices in Mesh, my mobile is showing not Sync’d.  But it actually is sync’d and I can access all my folders on the device.  Why would it show Not Sync’d on the Web, but sync’d on the phone?

  22. Are there any plans to compile Live Mesh for Mac as Universal Binary? Should not be that big deal, should it?

  23. Mike Beller says:

    I have two Win XP machines connected and one automatically updated to 0.9.4014.4 and my other machine has not (it reports "up to date" when I check for updates manually).

    Is this correct?

  24. Asbjørn says:

    One of my test installations of Mesh (in a virtual machine) just updated to 0.9.4014.4, but my other installations still think they’re up-to-date. Is the update going to be released soon or what?

  25. Asbjørn says:

    And now my test Windows 7 (in a virtual machine) installation updated – and the Resolve conflict dialog is as unreadable as ever. Are you ever going to fix this? It is really embarrassing that Microsoft cannot even manage to stay compatible with its own products – you have known about this issue for close to two months and you knew when the RC was coming out. This is getting ridiculous.

  26. Mephy says:

    so i guess nothing for iphone in near future..

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