Client Software Update (0.9.3424.14)

Now that we are out of our holiday blackout period for releases, we’re happy to announce that the next Live Mesh for Windows client update will (at long last!) be available later today is now available. Thank you for your patience, and please see below for the details. By default your Live Mesh software will automatically update itself within 24 hours of the new build being posted, but you can always right-click the Notifier icon in the system tray and choose to force an immediate update.

Update: Doh!  We are embarrassed to say that the new version is going to be delayed just a little bit longer.  For your safety and enjoyment, the Live Mesh client verifies the SSL certificate of the update server before downloading new code.  It turns out that one of the other things we didn't get to do during the holiday blackout was update our SSL cert, which expired at end of 2008.  As soon as we can get the new valid cert up there, the update will be available.

Update 2: For those of you who have recently received the error below while trying to update or install Live Mesh, the issue has now been resolved. Please try upgrading or installing Live Mesh again. If you continue to encounter problems, please visit our forums and let us know.

"Live Mesh Service is unavailable. Please retry your installation later. [80072F78] The server returned an invalid or unrecognized response."


  • Conflict-handling improved for duplicate files and folders

  • Live Mesh no longer disables Aero in Windows 7

  • Continued improvements to P2P synchronization

  • Minor usability improvements

This update will bring your Windows Live Mesh client up to version 0.9.3424.14

Windows Vista User Account Control (UAC) reminder

While we no longer require that UAC be turned on when running Live Mesh on Vista SP1, if you initially installed Live Mesh with UAC turned on, and then turned it off, you might have some issues upgrading. Please see “NOTICE: Updating Live Mesh and User Account Control (UAC)” in the Known Issues sticky on the Live Mesh forums for further information.

Thank you for helping us test Live Mesh!

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Comments (62)

  1. Sam says:

    Aero in Windows 7 still not working for me. It went off, came back, then went off again, and reenabling it under Personalize doesn’t do anything. I’ll try a restart, although this still needs ironing out.

    Also, is it possible to sync multiple folders to a single folder in Mesh? Since I’m dual booting, as are many people, drive letter names are different in the two operating systems. Does Live Mesh recognize them as two separate folders or a single common folder?

  2. MSDN Archive says:

    @ Sam,

    We haven’t released the update quite yet: it’s coming later today (and we’ll update this blog post once the new version has been deployed).

  3. Gahgah says:

    Thanks guys. Windows 7 doesn’t look sooo nice without Aero.

    I love Mesh it’s really usefull and now i can really use Win7 AND Mesh…that#s really great!

  4. Mark says:

    So a long old evening in the UK, then… any chance of letting us know what time it’ll hit the servers in GMT?

  5. Sam says:

    Oh I see. Sorry about that! I didn’t realize you hadn’t actually released the update. Thanks. I’ll look forward to testing it when it comes out.

  6. This just in from the Live Mesh blog : Now that we are out of our holiday blackout period for releases

  7. William says:

    Woohoo – cheers 🙂  – I’ve been dying since running Windows 7!

  8. The previous version shut off Aero glass, which was highly undesirable. Here's the update , from

  9. Live Mesh Service Update (January 13, 2009) Feed: Live Mesh Posted on: Tuesday, January 13, 2009 2:41

  10.   It turns out I wasn’t the only person out there who was excited to get access to the Windows 7

  11. Rich Anderson says:

    I installed the latest bits and now live mesh is broken / wont install.   Anyway to get the older install back?

  12. CP12 says:

    why wasn’t live mesh featured at CES? combined with onenote, it’s a powerful tool for real-time note-taking and sharing for students and people in the ‘real world’ taking notes at meetings, presentations, etc. it definitely has killer app potential; you guys just need to market it right.

  13. Chris L says:

    Any update on availability?  Its already 7pm in Redmond…

  14. fxs says:

    likely a stupid question….but where do I find the update?

  15. Scott Savage says:

    Right click the system tray icon and select "Check for Updates". Otherwise it will update automatically. You can also click the (?) icon and choose "Version" to see if you are running the latest version.

  16. Nico says:

    The update is released after the ssl problem is solved.

    After release: RMB on your live mesh icon and choose update.

  17. Gianmarco says:

    Ok for the update. But when an update for using Live Mesh with the italian date format? Infact it works only if i set in the international option the US format. Thanks. PS: Live Mesh is really great!

  18. zj says:

    @Rich Anderson

    I just got the same issue, with error

    Livemesh Services is Unavailable.  Please retruy your installation later.  [80072F78] Server returned an invalid or unrecognized response.

    any idea?

  19. Karthik says:

    I  tried installing Live Mesh on Windows7. But its showing me an error. After installing, It again Uninstalls itself and shows me an error saying

    "Live Mesh service is unavailable.

    Please retry your installation later.

    [80072F78] The server returned an invalid or unrecognized response."

    What to do? Or is the update process going on in the website (server)??



    Microsoft Student Partner

  20. William says:

    @fsx: Right click on the mesh icon "check for updates", but otherwise you’ll be alerted automatically when it’s pushed down.

    @meshteam : Can’t believe you havent sorted out the SSL! LOL! I have to say after all this waiting, it’s a huge clang – and, if i’m as frank as can be, it doesnt say much for the testing process if it’s only uncovered now! Oh well – thankfully Mesh is so awesome i’ll forgive you all!

  21. Mac says:


    When available you should right click on Livemesh icon and select update option.

    However the update was not released on 13th. I wish we receive it by 14th.

  22. max says:

    If we download the bits directly off the website, will we get the latest/greatest client.. ? I can understand the updater wouldn’t work without SSL cert being renewed, but what about direct download.. ?

  23. Will says:

    And now, it’s no longer Tuesday 🙁

  24. Leod says:

    Is the new version live yet? I’ve downloaded what appears to be the new client but it won’t install. Keeps coming up with an error about service being unavailable.

  25. Seanmac30 says:

    I am particularly disappointed that this new update doesn’t fix the problem I have with live mesh which makes it unsuable.  Ever since it went from a tech preview to beta I get get the message ‘Could not sign into live Mesh.  Please try later. Request to MOE timed-out’.  How much later is latter?  Reported but problem still remains.  Please let this be fixed in the next update.

  26. David says:

    Mesh won’t even install for me on Windows 7 (32-bit).  I get this message:  "Installer encountered errors. [80072EE2]  The operation timed out"

    Everything else is running great on 7 but I miss my Mesh!!!  

  27. quailan says:

    Please help me about this error for Windows XP of Live Mesh Beta :

    "Live Mesh service is unavailable. Please retry your installation later. [ 80072F78] The server returned an invalid or unrecognized response"

    Thanks so much,

  28. Tim Toennies says:

    I have "checked for update" a few times this morning & it appears to go out & check but I’m still running the .9.3424.5 client.

  29. Jim says:


    I love Live Mesh, great product – since I did a clean install if Windows 7 Beta….

    Livemesh Services is Unavailable.  Please retry your installation later.  [80072F78] Server returned an invalid or unrecognized response.

    Ugh!  I’ve tried disabling anti-virus, UAC on & off…help!

  30. Chris L says:

    Everyone that’s getting the error, hold tight.  That’s because the SSL certificate that the client trying to authenticate with server side is expired.  It has nothing to do with UAC, anti-virus, or the Live Mesh client, nor is it anything on your computer.  Wait until the blog is updated and then it’ll install.

  31. mike says:

    i just wonder. is the death of mesh inevitable???  is it going to be synced with sync eventualy. or is live sycn goiing to be linched and mesh will be the only one in the end. does anyone know ??  is mesh just for testing improvements for sync or is it its own software line.  

  32. nathanscott says:

    So the SSL certificate expired… that should explain why people can’t complete a fresh install.

    Thanks for keeping us informed, and thanks for such a brilliant product! (My computer seems so incomplete without Live Mesh.)

  33. kawai says:

    It seems to be working. They downgraded the install to .5 and allowed for an update to .14

  34. JK says:

    I got the updates on all my machines and Aero is back on Windows 7, but it still kicks back to basic on the host machine when I connect to one of the other machines.  Definitely not as big of deal as it being gone the whole time. 😉


  35. Pak-Kei says:

    Hooray! Update is kicking in! I believe it is normal behavior for Remote Desktop to switch back to Aero Basic.

  36. Peter Himschoot says:

    Will this also work for the Live Framework CTP Mesh Client?

  37. Ian says:

    Given that you can no longer "right-click" on the Mesh client in Windows 7, how do you force it to check for updates?


  38. AntonioSDeT says:

    @Ian: You can acomplish that by click on "Show hidden icons", then "Customize…" and in the "Notification Area Icons" dialog selecting the "Show Icon and notifications" for Live Mesh Monitor.

  39. Jordan says:

    @Ian and @Antonio

    Or, you can just show the extra icons and drag the Mesh icon to the tray with the rest of them.

    Telling Mesh to update isn’t finding anything for me right now. Are there still issues?

  40. rmclaren says:

    Why does my phone, which is running the Live Mesh client and is online, not show up as online from the taskbar icon on my laptop?

    And why, when I connect to a folder from the phone, does the Live Mesh client have to open a browser window and then ask me to sign in, when I am already signed in to the Live Mesh client? Shouldn’t the client have a built in file browser or at least better integration with the browser?

    This is very much a work in progress.

  41. Mysterius says:

    Wonderful! Just congratulating you on the good work.

    It may be vain, but I’m most glad about having control over Aero colors again. 🙂

  42. Simon Jones says:

    That’s got to be a bug then. You can right click the other items in the "show hidden icons" section.


  43. Rohan Singh says:

    Thanks for fixing the Aero issue! I didn’t even know that it was Live Mesh that was causing the issue, but it’s niced to have it fixed now.

  44. c88lman says:

    Guys, hi. first of all thanks for Mesh in Windows 7 bug fixes.

    Please advise why i can’t install Mesh software on Power book G4 ? Is it only for Intel machines ?

  45. MH says:

    Can we now put the Windows Live Mail Storage Folder into Mesh?

    I have read, that that caused an endless sync loop.

  46. Neken says:

    I really wish Live Mesh would work with custom themes under windows xp. I know they are not "microsoft signed" and all that, but I do think many people change their skin to get something else than teletubbies-like skins. Live mesh really breaks the explorer with custom themes.

    Apart from that it works ok. Not that great on conflicts (versus SVN) and sometime it takes a while before my changed file goes to the other computers (foldershare updated files instantly).

  47. Brian says:

    Live Mesh Version 0.9 (0.9.3712.831) is unusable on Macintosh OS X 10.5.6 – broken. BEFORE the update 1/14/2009 everything worked and worked well. Now all is broken.

  48. MSDN Archive says:

    @ c88lman,

    Yes, I’m afraid you’re correct: the Live Mesh for Mac client is for Intel-based Macs only.

  49. Jiri Marek says:

    I have problem with Live Mesh on Windows 7. It always writes "Live Mesh is currently starting" and I dont know, what can I do. I install updates and turn of UAC. Can you help me please?

  50. Rich Anderson says:

    @jz – installed working now, I guess the SSL issue was the problem.  

  51. Wes says:


    Just remove your Mac from the Mesh in the Live Desktop, delete the folders "Live ID" and "Live Mesh" under ~/Library/Application Support and it should run fine on 10.5.6.

    @Live Mesh team

    Just wanted to thank you guys… absolutely amazing piece of tech and now even my netbook running 7 is part of the Mesh. However, I would suggest automatically expanding the ring in the Live Desktop as with 8 devices, things start getting a bit messy.

  52. John L says:

    Live Mesh is definitely now having problems on OS X 10.5.6. Resetting the client worked for about a day and then it broke again. Having to reset the client daily is not cool.

  53. Ralf says:


    will you fix problems with proxy servers ?

    We have a proxy configuration url (proxy.pac) with proxy authentication, live mesh doesn’t recognize these settings properly, and live mesh can’t do proxy authentication (that’s the bigger problem).

    TIA and regards, Ralf

  54. Raide says:

    I have a mesh on 2 devices(workstations) one with 3 monitors at 1600×1200 and the other with 1 monitor at 1920×1200.  In the original mesh release, I was able to RDP (assuming its RDP) into the 3 monitor machine with the 1 monitor machine and it would do screen scaling of the 3 to 1.  Though difficult to read, it was good for general overall display; at which point you could hit ‘show actual display’, and get scroll bars to move around.  This worked great until 2 updates ago.  Now the screen scaling and scrollbars still work but the mouse control is completely off.  Basically if you have screen 1,2,3 (and screen 2 is the screen with the taskbar), you can not get your mouse onto screen 1 or 3.  The mouse region is locked onto screen 2.  So in my original example the single monitor’s lower right corner will get me to the system tray icons only, even if I have moved the display over to screen 1 or screen 3.

    Is Mesh aware of this newly introduced problem?

  55. Fduch says:

    Are there any estimates on when will Remore Desktop support P2P connection?

    My emploee will kill me if he get to know that all the data is going through Microsoft’s servers!

  56. Leslie M says:

    Will this version work with Windows Home server (WHS). An outstanding product. Thankyou

  57. bpaddock says:

    It would be more correct to not say that this "disabled Aero" since it never did that.  

    It simply forced your glass color to black.  Still annoying, but didn’t disable any Aero features, and still better looking than Basic 🙂

  58. J.R. Raith says:

    Live Mesh is still screwing up my Window Border settings in Win7.


    1. Connect from my Win7 machine to my Vista SP2 machine at home.

    2. Window borders become gray and not translucent. (In Personalize, the "Enable Transparency" box is unchecked.)

    3. Closing the remote connection does not restore settings.

  59. PGK says:

    Please fix the proxy authentication problem with Live Mesh. Without this fix, the program is useless for people who connect to internet through a proxy server (which means – for all internet users here in Singapore). Thanks!

  60. noguerol says:

    This new version still disables mi aero@W7…

  61. Rob Levy says:

    Unable to sign in to live mesh

    Request to MOE failed with status code:

    401 Not authorized to access specified resource

    To contact me put rob@ before my url.

    I’ve also noticed IE and messenger won’t connect to the internet since I installed live mesh, but google chrome, firefox and skype will. I suspect a file has been overwritten. I’m running windows 7 beta

  62. Jon says:

    Whenever Mesh updates (d/l or u/l) it takes over the CPU.  With an i7 920 CPU it has all cores maxed out, essentially putting the CPU under full load.  CPU Temp runs as hot as it does in games…

    Problem is apparent on my Core 2 Duo laptop as well.  Though average CPU usage is 50% instead of 100%.

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