Expanded Live Mesh for Mobile CTP

The recent service update to Live Mesh addresses many of the issues users reported since we opened the Mobile CTP on Oct 30.

With the release of the updated Live Mesh for Mobile version 0.9.3424.9, we are expanding the CTP to more users. We are also lifting the country restrictions on access to the CTP – it is now open to all countries. [Access through a 3G network is recommended for a great experience.]

Since there is limited room in the expanded CTP, hurry on to https://www.mesh.com/Web/Promo.aspx?pcode=Mob_FCFS1 to add your Windows Mobile 6.x phone to your mesh. [Clicking this link will grant access to your Live ID for adding a WM phone to the mesh and redirect you to the device ring, where you can click “+” to see how to “Use Live Mesh for mobile devices”.]

If you already have the Live Mesh client on your WM6 phone, you should see an update notification the next time you login to Live Mesh from your phone. You can also navigate through Menu -> About -> Software Update, to install the latest client.

Thank you for using Live Mesh, and sharing your feedback!

The Live Mesh Team

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  1. Live Mesh : Expanded Live Mesh for Mobile CTP

  2. Dylan Greene says:

    The previous build worked okay for me (it would sync text files but not mp3s) – the new one gives me an error –  "Connection to Live Mesh failed" – and gives me two choices – Retry (which does the same thing) – and Cancel – which exits the program.  It doesn’t give me a way to re-enter my liveid/pass or tell me any other details.  I still see the device on mesh.com.  

    Guess I’ll wait till the next update.

  3. Finalmente!!! Want to try Windows Live Mesh for mobile? Now you can… From the Live Mesh blog : The recent

  4. FW: Live Mesh: Mobile CTP Open To All Countries, Windows Client Update Coming Later Today! Feed: LiveSide

  5. ASPInsiders says:

    Want to try Windows Live Mesh for mobile? Now you can… From the Live Mesh blog : The recent service update

  6. Cybertimber2008 says:

    @Dylan Green: You need to head to the Live Mesh Mobile Forums and give your info there.  Thats also where they are making fixed happen in versions if your problem isn’t unique!


  7. Satish says:

    When will the live mesh for Symbian 60 is expected ? Any dates ?

  8. It appears that the Community Technology Preview (CTP) expanded to all countries and additional users

  9. Lee says:

    Upon installing the client and then signing in I recieve an error.  It says that it is adding the device to my mesh, and in the status bar it says ‘getting mobile phone identifier’ but then fails.  The error reads ‘Setup Failed, This mobile phone was not added to your mesh.’.

    Any advice anyone?

  10. Lee says:

    In addition to the above, FYI my mobile is an HTC Touch Pro. (T-Mobile in the UK).

    Any help appreciated.

  11. MSDN Archive says:

    @ Lee,

    Please visit our support forums for assistance: http://social.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/LiveMeshMobile/threads/

  12. JBundy says:

    Will storage limits be increased?  I’d like to back up some critical system files, but 5GB fills up quickly.  Just askin’ …

  13. Luis Miguel says:

    Hi Live Mesh Developers …

    Please add Live Mesh Client the functionality of showing synchronization statistics

    I mean , it should show the actually synchronizing file and it ´s Directory/Path and also , the sync speed , and most important , how many bytes are needed to finish synchronizing a file, and in case of a folder, how many bytes and objects…

    Also in this version i cannot stop it from loging

    So if i´m gonna use another account i have to wait a long time…

    Please help me , it´s all needed to be an almost perfect software 😉

  14. pablo says:

    Live Mesh was unable to find a suitable version of SQL CE on this device. Unable to isntall Live Mesh.

    Any idea?

  15. Laser says:

    Im sorry if this is slightly off topic, but I couldnt find anywhere to email anyone about this…

    I have been a devoted user of windows live mesh since the tech preview was first released and I am curious what the difference is between windows live sync and mesh.

    What I’ve noticed so far:

    Sync doesnt seem to have a storage limit

    Mesh’s files are easier to access online

    Live Sync integrates with other windows live services

    Both have remote desktop

    both can share folders with other people

    What else is there, and why should I choose one over the other?

    Also, what are the performance differences between each of them?



  16. MSDN Archive says:

    @ pablo,

    Please visit our Mobile support forum for a solution:


  17. Le 9 décembre dernier, l’équipe Live Mesh éditait un post précisant l’ouverture de la CTP Live Mesh pour

  18. Alex says:

    Works fine with my htc tytn II, but having some trouble with the first connection with mesh through wlan. no trouble with 3g

  19. Scipio says:

    Thanks for your hard work guys, I think you are doing an amazing job. I could not be happier with where Live Mesh is heading.

    I do have one special request for you though: would it be possible to reduce the memory footprint? I know from this post that 60MB is considered normal (http://social.microsoft.com/Forums/en/LiveMesh/thread/fa8c9435-903a-48a8-968a-48a8684e8704/), but I still find it a bit high for a program that runs 24/7 on my machine.

    Your efforts in this respect would be greatly appreciated.

  20. ramonduraes says:

    I would like to be able to force the synchronization. Set a default folder c: mesh … and have the better monitor the status of synchronization, see what is pending.

  21. tony says:

    Any ETA on mesh for windows server?  Do you plan to support it?


  22. cymera says:

    I’m using Mobile Mesh in my Omnia since November. Perfect until today.

    Somehow it started messing up my files synchronizing to previous versions (date) instead of the newer version, and did not add new added files to my phone. It is kind of crazy.

  23. I’m in San Francisco at the 2008 Crunchie Awards and after ~ 350k votes were cast Ray Ozzie and David

  24. Live Mesh says:

    Hi everyone, Angus Logan (senior tech product manager for Live Services) here. I’m in San Francisco at

  25. Wow!   Live Mesh was awarded a Crunchie Award as the recognized Best Technology Innovation

  26. SocialITy says:

    W ostatni piątek odbyła się uroczystość wręczenia Crunchies 2008 , nagród wręczanych przez kultowy serwis

  27.   It turns out I wasn’t the only person out there who was excited to get access to the Windows 7

  28. 随美国PDC 2008上发布Live Mesh的CTP,Live Mesh for Mobile, for MAC都可以在mesh.com上下载了,但是PDC当天的版本有问题,有些用户安装不上。现在的版本已经没问题了。

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