Service update: Beta and required client upgrade (0.9.3424.5)

Whooooo boy, today is a big day for Live Mesh.  We are about to begin rolling have finished rolling out an update which brings our service and PC software to beta with significant new features, and includes the first technology previews of the Mac and Windows Mobile clients.  Details below.  We blogged on Tuesday about how the combination of this platform experience beta, the additional devices, and the CTP of Live Services and the Live Framework are significant milestones on the path to bringing our software + services vision to life.

As we noted previously, users of the Technology Preview version will find that their clients must update to this latest version in order to continue participating in Live Mesh . We will update the blog here when the rollout of services is complete and the new client software is available. The new client software is now available! 

New features:

·         New devices supported.  We are delighted to release our client software for Mac OS X (10.5 or higher, Intel processesor) and Windows Mobile (6.0 and 6.1).  Because these are both significant new software investments for us, we’re going to only provide them on a limited basis for now (and mobile is restricted to only US or UK to start.)  If you get a message saying that we’re at full capacity for these clients, keep an eye on the blog here.  We’ll post updates as we increase availability over the coming months.

·         To get access to the Mac client, sign in to, click Add Device, and then click the “Limited Mac Tech Preview now available” link underneath the Install button.  If we haven’t exceeded the limit for Mac clients, you’ll get a confirmation dialog, and then Mac will show up under the available list of devices when you choose Add Device from the ring.

·         To get access to the Windows Mobile 6.x client, click on one of the following links (US residents, UK residents).  Sign in with your LiveID, and you’ll be redirected to the device ring where you’ll see a link to “Use Live Mesh for mobile devices.”  Alternately, once you’ve signed in this way, the mobile client should be available for download by pointing your phone’s browser to

·         Worldwide availability. We’ve removed the limits on what countries are able to sign up to use Live Mesh.  We previously had limitations in place so that we could complete our testing with various language and locale settings, and now that work is indeed complete (with the caveat of course that for now the mobile client, as mentioned above, is not actually available worldwide).

·         WAP access.  Some of you already discovered that browsing from your WAP-enabled phone gives you a lightweight way to view Mesh content (and, on phones that support it, upload new files.)  We’re now making WAP an officially supported feature.

·         Folder roles/permissions. Members of a folder can now be assigned one of the following roles to control their access rights: creator, owner, contributor, and reader. Previously, the only permission level (aka “role”) you could set for a member was “owner,” which meant that all members had the same control over the contents of a folder (adding, changing, deleting) as you did. Now, you can assign specific permissions for each member in a Live Mesh folder. Want members to be able to read what’s in a folder, but not change any content? Make them readers. Want them to be able to add to the folder, but not invite other users? Make them contributors.

·         Automatic update is now available for the Live Mesh software.  This has been a common user request, and we’re taking a first step towards making it possible for your Mesh client software to update itself automatically, without you having to click on any links.  In this Beta release, automatic update works like magic if you chose not to install the extra enhancements that required administrator rights.  If you did install them, we still have to prompt you to update so that you can click through the UAC elevation prompt and give us permission to update administrative components.  We will continue to work on streamlining this process for you in future releases.

·         P2P sync can be managed from your computer. When we first enabled P2P sync, you had to go to the Live Desktop to change the sync settings for a folder so that it would no longer synchronize with your Live Desktop and eat up your 5 GB storage limit. We heard from many customers that this was not very intuitive (and we agree: it wasn’t). Now you can change this sync setting from the Live Mesh software on your computer, without having to visit the Live Desktop at all.

·         You can drag and drop files to folders on your Live Desktop. One of the most frequently requested features since we opened Live Mesh as a technology preview in April has been the ability to drag and drop files and folders to and from your Live Desktop. We’re extremely happy to be able to say: You can do this now! This makes the Live Desktop experience much more intuitive and even more aligned with Windows. Note that the drag-and-drop feature currently only works with a Windows PC and Internet Explorer 6 or later.

·         You can select multiple files for upload or download. In addition to drag-and-drop, you can now use SHIFT and CTRL to select multiple files/folders when uploading them to your Live Desktop.

·         Added new synchronization status indicators. If you’ve been using Live Mesh to sync a lot of data, you’ve probably found yourself wondering at some point how far along the synchronization process was. We’ve added an icon to the notification area of the taskbar and a progress bar so that you can tell at a glance how your folder sync is coming.

·         “Get started” feature added for new users. Quick tips on how to start using Live Mesh appear on the Live Desktop and when new users install the Live Mesh software. Great for friends and family you invite!

Additional improvements:

·         Improved peer-to-peer (P2P) reliability and performance. P2P synchronization is an integral part of how Live Mesh keeps your data current across all your devices. Most of the time, P2P sync happens in the background without you having to worry about it. When Live Mesh tries to update a file on one of your devices, it will leverage whatever connections it can, sometimes pulling from your Live Desktop (the “cloud”), other times pulling from your other devices. You can also choose to have some folders only sync P2P by choosing to never synchronize those folders with your Live Desktop. We have made numerous improvements to P2P sync with this release of Live Mesh. We’re now regularly testing synchronization of folders as large as 60GB, and we’ve also had success synching a single file as large as 20GB.   

·         Hidden remote screen is now the default for Live Mesh Remote Desktop. We heard feedback from many customers that they’d like to see this feature turned on by default to help ensure the privacy of their remote desktop feature.

·         Improved conflict resolution. The user interface (UI) for resolving conflicts has been updated to be easier to use. You’ll also now see the same conflict resolution UI between the Live Mesh software on your device and the Live Desktop on the web. And, when resolving a conflict, you’ll be able to choose keep either version of a file or all versions.

·         The Live Mesh bar appears minimized by default, and remembers its previous state. When you create a new Live Mesh folder, the mesh bar (appears when you open a Live Mesh folder) will now appear minimized by default. The mesh bar will also remember the last state it was in (minimized or maximized) for each Live Mesh folder, and show that state the next time you open the folder.

·         Better support for large display configurations using Live Mesh Remote Desktop. We’ve added a new “superpan” feature to improve support for large desktop display configurations (e.g., high-resolution displays or multiple monitors).

·         Added support for two-factor authentication for Live Mesh Remote Desktop. Enterprise customers can now require two-factor authentication (both domain password and smartcard) for Live Mesh Remote Desktop on networks, or choose to disable the Live Mesh Remote Desktop functionality altogether. (Update: the ability to disable the Live Mesh Remote Desktop functionality was going to be part of this update, but wasn't quite ready.  We apologize for the confusion.)

·         Install Live Mesh with roaming profiles.  The Live Mesh client now supports installing to a user account with roaming profiles.  Previously users may have noticed an inability to sync or remotely access devices that use roaming profiles.

Windows Vista User Account Control (UAC) reminder

While we no longer require that UAC be turned on when running Live Mesh on Vista SP1, if you initially installed Live Mesh with UAC turned on, and then turned it off, you might have some issues upgrading. Please see “NOTICE: Updating Live Mesh and User Account Control (UAC)” in the Known Issues sticky on the Live Mesh forums for further information.

Thank you for helping us test Live Mesh!

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Comments (82)
  1. davidacoder says:

    Excellent to hear that this is coming and the list of features looks very good.

    Just one thing: could you write another blog entry on the situation with respect to the developer preview. My understanding is that you have two completly seperate "clouds" right now, the one many people are using and the one for the dev ctp. Is this correct? A general outline of that situation here on the blog would be much appreciated.



  2. davidacoder says:

    Oh, and can you also write the version number of the new client down here on the blog? Just for reference, I am sure many people will look for that info at some point and here is the place it would fit best.

  3. Todd Morrison says:

    Holy crap, I have been waiting for this update for about a month now.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. MSDN Archive says:

    @ davidacoder,

    New version # added to blog post title.

  5. Joe says:

    When i use live mesh with xbox 360 and zune and skydrive and popfly and office live.

  6. I was updating my Mesh a minute ago, and was greeted with this: I hope that means the Windows Mobile

  7. Henrik (Denmark) says:

    Yeeahhh, finally world-wide access – however the mesh is unavailable now, sic!

    I want mobile access in Denmark, now, thank you!

  8. william says:

    my taskbar mesh icon has gone grey and showing me as offline – and been like this for a few hours. is this normal?

  9. Mitch Canter says:

    I use mesh to backup the files i’m working on for my design studio.  Having the mobile client to be able to view designs from the cloud will be great for showcasing work at conferences.

    Been looking forward to this for a while – can’t wait to see it in action!

  10. @william,

    Yep, that’s normal.  Live Mesh service has been temporarily interrupted while we deploy the update.  We’ll let everyone know as soon as things are up-and-running again.

  11. Nicholas Kesick says:

    Seesh, earlier I couldn’t get access to the Windows Mobile (same error as everywhere else) and now it’s full before the system is back up??  

    I shall wait in anticipation!

  12. Reman says:

    Are there concret plans to add more storage in the live desktop? Even a "Live Mesh Premium – cost only xx$" would be great.

    Live Mesh is great, but I really would like to have my hole pictures/music (currently 50gb) only at live desktop.

    I know – it´s very much data… but it would be great if the only storage increase over the time (like google mail) – unlimited file storage, i really would pay for that 🙂

  13. Charles Knight says:

    I’m very impressed with livemesh so far, it’s been a real boon – and it’s so simple to set up and explore.

    Sadly, I seem to have missed out on the mobile app for the moment 🙁 oh well, will have to keep watching the blog 🙂

  14. Evan-O says:

    Disappointing on the limited availability of the mobile app… I was refreshing in real time hoping to get in on it the second it was available, definitely my number one most anticipated feature.  

    Any guess on how long before more people will be able to try it out?

  15. I’m anxious to see how this compares to DropBox, but I can’t get the client to sign in on my Mac. I get error 409.

  16. Gahgah says:

    Looks like Mobile Mesh signing up isn’t workin. Can’t imagine that the limit has been reached already!

  17. jc1455 says:

    Drat…this update still removes the quick launch area and reorders all the icons in it!  Grrrr!  Other than than annoyance I’m looking forward to the goodness in this build.

  18. Mark B says:

    Man… I really only want to sync to my mobile device….was so happy this morning, now so sad…. since limited must mean the first 4 people that tried to get the client.


  19. Josh says:

    I can’t believe I missed the opportunity to download the mobile client.  It’s like the quota was full in minutes!  I’ve been preparing for the mobile client all week (creating folders and figuring out what/how to sync), and it sounds like the next opportunity will be months away.  Bummer.

  20. Todd Morrison says:

    Darn, i went to lunch and now all of the mobile promotional clients have been downloaded.

    When can i get a mobile 6 install?

  21. blue_falcon says:

    What’s the problem with the Mesh Mobile Tech Priview?!!!! I was in the origional live mesh tech preview, doesn’t that mean I should be in the mobile tech preview by default?

    I’ve been waiting on this update since day one (me, and from the looks of it, quite a few other users) so when are you going to let us back in to test the mobile app? I hope this is a glitch and not the consiquences of a mobile tech preview with a limit of 50 users….

  22. Windows Mobile is now supported (along with Mac).  Unfortunately for me, I still have a WM 5 device

  23. MSDN Archive says:

    @ All those looking to get into the Live Mesh for Mobile tech preview:

    There was an issue with the recent upgrade that was preventing people from downloading the Live Mesh for Mobile client.  This has been fixed.  Please try again – you should be able to access the Mobile tech preview now.

  24. Todd Morrison says:

    What are the min. Space requirements?

    I have about a gig on a storage card free, around 25 mb on device empty, and I am getting an out of space error while installing.

  25. Charles Knight says:

    Hi – I still get an error message saying that the technical preview is out of invitations. I am in the UK.


    Charles Knight

  26. Mark Allan says:

    Is the mobile link for UK users still broken, or did I miss the 10-minute window when it was working and still had invitations left?

  27. Jef says:

    Is anyone getting the error of "Live Mesh was unable to find a suitable version of SQL CE on this device.  Unable to install Live Mesh" on their WinMo 6.1 phone?

    I went and downloaded and installed SQL CE 3.5 sp1, and I still get the error.

    Any thoughts?

  28. Matt says:

    I’m getting a "connection to Live Mesh Failed" on my Sprint Diamond.

    Username is an "Other email address" one.

    just wanted to give you guys a headsup!

  29. chris says:

    So, I finally downloaded the live mesh cab.  I am so excited. I go to install it and I get an error.  Unsatisfied Dependency:  Live Mesh was unable to find a suitable version of SQL CE on this device.   What gives?  Any ideas?  Never had this type of error before and after a little googling I haven’t found any help.

  30. Jay says:

    Are there any known issues right now?  I downloaded the mobile client and installed fine, but when I try to login I get "Connection to Live Mesh failed.  Unable to validate the user on Live Mesh. Please check your connection settings and Retry, or Cancel to exit."  Wrong id/pw gets a different error message.  Everything else seems to be working on the phone.

  31. mf says:

    mobile full already? false advertising! please either fix or expand the beta past 2 people.

  32. MSDN Archive says:

    @ Todd Morrison,

    Live Mesh for Mobile requires 3MB of space, but it will not install to a storage card at this time.  You’ll need to install directly to your phone.

  33. Nicholas Kesick says:

    I got the mobile client 🙂  Thanks to all the Mesh team!!!

  34. Todd Morrison says:

    Ok, got it running.

    Next question, "Connection to Live Mesh failed"

    "Unable to validate the user on Live Mesh"

    I have validated that I do have a connection to the net, and I am trying to sign in with my existing @hotmail Live ID.

    Any ideas?

  35. Hello,

    I was able to get access to the Mobile software, but it’s not validating me as a user. Are you guys still having issues?


    Robert McLaws

  36. James S says:

    Am I the only one seeing an unknown error when trying to sign up for the mobile preview?

    Unknown Error.

    (Code: d4c93f15-45d5, 30/10/2008 2:16 PM)

  37. RobC says:

    I’m getting this error when I click on that link to install the mobile client.

    "Unknown Error.

    (Code: 85a595f3-b304, 10/30/2008 2:20 PM) "

  38. MSDN Archive says:

    @ UK customers, RE: Live Mesh for Mobile,

    We had a problem with the promo code in the link above, but that has been resolved.  Please go ahead and try the link again.  If you still encounter problems, please visit our Live Mesh for Mobile forum:

  39. Gahgah says:

    Hey guys…

    I’m a real Mesh fanguy. What do have to do to use the Mesh client from germany? Do i have to have an us windows mobile rom? or is it "locked" vie ip-geotagging? i would nearly do everything just to try this out. can anyone give me a hint?

  40. Adam Z Lein says:

    My Live Mesh Mobile won’t install.  It says "Live Mesh was unable to find a suitable version of SQL CE on this device. Unable to install Live Mesh."

    I have SQL Server CE 3.5 Core installed.  Bug ID 378601 posted.  

    What’s the deal?  What version of SQL CE does it want?

  41. Evan-O says:

    I’m in the same boat as Todd, I got the .cab file installed, but it won’t let me validate my id.    

    making progress though 🙂

  42. Gilly says:

    Ummm, I live in the UK and have been using Live Mesh since the Tech Preview came out. I updated the the client and went to get the mobile download, however I am now unable to use Live Mesh.

    I get the following messages "Review and accept agreements

    blah blah" I accept and then it says "Sign up for a reminder

    Thanks for your interest! Live Mesh is currently available in the U.S. only. Click "Sign up" to receive an email when Live Mesh is available in your country/region."

    Why am I now unable to use Live Mesh?

  43. Nick Kesick says:

    I’m also getting the ""Connection to Live Mesh failed Unable to validate the user on Live Mesh" error on my Wm 6.1.

    Probably still updating that part of the system?

    I guess I’m going to head to the forums.

  44. Glen says:

    I’m in Australia and I’ve been loving LiveMesh for quite some time now… the upgrade crashed (hung) and now LiveMesh (MoeMonitor) will not even load.

    I went to download the installation code again, thinking that a fresh installation will "do the job" but now I’m not allowed to download it because I’m not in the US or UK?!?!?


    Regards, Glen

  45. MSDN Archive says:

    @ Everyone experiencing problems with the Live Mesh for Mobile client,

    A quick update: we have a number of people investigating the reported issues and attempting to resolve them.  We will keep you informed!

  46. O says:

    How do I disable live mesh remote desktop using the new enterprise feature?

  47. Jef says:

    For those Supporting, and looking for Support on the Mobile Mesh Client, please centralize it to the forums so we can only have to watch one spot 🙂

    The Live Mesh Mobile Forum on

    There is a thread already open for the SQL CE install issue, and it looks like the connectivity issue.

  48. ChrisO says:

    @Gilly: I had the same problem. I closed down IE, and then it worked. Or you can try using firefox/chrome and it should all then work out ok.

  49. RobC says:

    I’m having the same problem as Adam – it says I don’t have a good version of SQL installed, but I have installed 3.5.

  50. Doug says:

    I was super excited to see my Live Mesh update taking longer than normal today…I new the update had arrived.  Was a little dissapointed to see the Mobile client not available yet, but I see it’ll be available in coming days.  And I was glad to read that it’s a client for Windows Mobile 6 (I had feared that mobile wouldn’t come until Windows Mobile 7 comes out next year; I’m glad it’s coming to Mobile 6).

    One question, if anyone knows the answer.  Are there plans to bring the Xbox into the cloud?  I guess there could be lots of benefitial uses, from keeping 2 XBox’s synced, to accessing video/audio data between XBox and PC. If anyone has any info on this, lemme know 🙂

    Can’t wait to get the mobile client on my Wing. Keep up the good work Mesh team 🙂

  51. We’ve got the team investigating the various mobile issues, sorry for the inconvenience.  Seems like three classes of issues:

    1) unable to get the mobile client for download, failures clicking the promo code above

    2) unable to use the mobile client after signing in

    3) unable to install the mobile client, with an error about SQL version

    #1 and #2 we are working on.  #3 might be because we only support WinMo 6.0 and 6.1 for now.

    Let’s try to collect all issue reports in one place over at our mobile forums, .

  52. McHale says:

    Regarding #3.  I’m getting the error but I’m running 6.1 so I think we need to rule that out.  In fact, I’m willing to bet almost everybody trying to get it installed is running 6.0 or 6.1.


  53. Sprague says:

    Remote Desktop is dodgy (Vista -> XP). Slow to connect. Slow updates. Anyone else having issues?

  54. Eric says:

    Unable to use Live Mesh Remote Desktop after this update =/ …it just keeps prompting me to Configure it …

  55. Ricardo Chaves says:

    Very nice too see WM Client of Mesh, but the part of only be available to US and UK it´s a Shame…

    I´m Portuguese, when it is available for other countrys???


  56. Colin Dalziel says:

    Following the update to Version 0.9.3424.5 of the client on my Windows XP SP2 desktop PC, my Quick Launch toolbar had been switched off. When I switched it back on, the icons are now larger than the desktop icons & take up most of the task bar.

    Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

  57. 潮流科技 says:

    分类: 智能手机 , 互联网络 今天,微软的云计算服务Live Mesh正式进入公测阶段并解除了国家限制,现在开始任何人都可以下载体验Live Mesh提供的服务。Live Mesh是基于网络数据中心的云计算服务

  58. Kyle says:

    I installed the mobile client on a 6.1 ATT Tilt and had 0 problems whatsoever.  I was able to synch to both my cpu and online.  This is fantastic.

  59. Dimitris says:

    When I remote desktop to a dual display, after the upgrade, I have noticed a bug. The cursors "sync" on the left of the screen but as I scroll to the right the cursor on the remote computer travels only to the edge of the rightmost screen while my local cursor has gone to the edge of the left screen. Basically it seems that the movement is scaled from one computer to the other.

    This problem occured initially, after rebooting both computers it went away but it came back when the session got disconnected and I reconnected again.

  60. twentw says:

    I didn’t see it mentioned, but is syncing of network (mapped) drives available in this revision?  That’s the only feature that would make me want to try Live Mesh again.

  61. Gop says:

    unable to connect to mac technical preview. clicking on Add Device brings up "The Live Mesh extender is not currently supported on this device."

    I am on OS 10.5.5


  62. DrAT says:

    I might have missed something but my WM6 PDA won’t download files from my Mesh, though it will upload. It works fine PC to PC.

    Also, why can’t I access the forums from my PDA? After all, I’m using Pocket Internet Explorer; surely it’s not unusual? The site is unreadable, as is most of the MS site.

  63. DrAT says:

    I might have missed something but my WM6 PDA won’t download files from my Mesh, though it will upload. It works fine PC to PC.

    Also, why can’t I access the forums from my PDA? After all, I’m using Pocket Internet Explorer; surely it’s not unusual? The site is unreadable, as is most of the MS site.

  64. Drew says:

    Anyone else having trouble accessing the website on safari? Firefox works fine.

  65. CharlyAR says:

    My Mesh doesn’t work anymore with this release. =(

    After the update, every time Windows (or Mesh) starts, it crashes. After that, Live Mesh says that it "failed to start". Then when restart is clicked it starts all over again.

    Tried to reinstall the old version but it looks like it’s not possible.

    Any solution? (Win x64).

  66. sp1der says:

    Hi all,

    I have problem with live mesh client for PC!

    "Live Mesh is currently starting…" but never happen! 🙁

  67. CharlyAR says:

    After the update, Mesh won’t start any more.

    First, Windows says it has crashed. After that, the tray icon just says "Live Mesh is currently starting…" Then, after a wile, it says it failed to start.

    Also, I can’t see the Windows Service anymore.


  68. Augusto says:

    This really a great product, congratulations.

    When will possible to sync my outlook pst file across my devices?

  69. mohit says:


    I have been using mesh since the very beginning of the Tech Preview, and was eagerly looking forward to the update.

    But the update did not allow me to log into the Live Mesh Beta site and gave the error "Sorry, we were unable to create your Live Mesh account. Please try again." continuously for more than a couple of days. The website fails to load in Safari with an endless loop between ‘Continue’ and ‘Sign In’.

    Finally with firefox on my Mac, I was able to get access to Mesh today, but it does not allow me to download a client for my account. If I already had a preview account, why can I not extend my account to my Mac.



  70. Anthony Hixon, Jr. says:

    Ever since I put the Live client on my iMac at work on Friday, my Vista x64 machine at home will not stop upoading files. It’s been doing this for three days now and I’ve even shut down my Mesh agents on all of my other machines. Why would it keep doing that? It’s almost like it’s not picking up the correct synch information.

  71. Skilover says:

    I would love to get Access to the "Tech Preview" of live mesh, Mac.  We are in a mixed Mac/PC environment, and have used Groove on the PC side, but think this will do a similar thing on the Mac/pc side.  Unfortunately, all of the "test" licenses went very fast. I thought I’d signed up to be notified, but evidently something went wrong.

    I’d appreciate it.  I will be attempting to use this in Firefox, which I understand may present it’s own interesting issues.

    I’ve done beta for MS before, such as Vista SP1.

    Thank you,


  72. Matthew says:

    More available space please:

    "Sorry, the Live Mesh Tech Preview is currently out of invitations. Please check back soon.

    (Code: a1b2ea74-8665, 11/3/2008 5:06 PM)"

  73. Mike says:

    My Live Mesh desktop is failing to update the latest software and also it cannot sync now. I have no clue how to proceed to get my device to sync … and i am not using any mobile device at all. So, what else can i try

  74. Travis says:

    Just downloaded LM 0.9.3424.786 client for Mac, but it’s not letting me sign on. Error 409. Any fix for this??

  75. Travis says:

    Nevermind, I restarted and it works like a charm… Dope!

  76. Dmitry says:

    My Live Mesh Failed to start 🙁 on Vista SP1 x64

    On XP SP3 all fine

  77. darthbane2k says:

    MORE INVITATIONS PLEASE! Whats the point of locking mobile users out again..

  78. Karlos says:

    Re: Issue: I have problem with live mesh client for PC! "Live Mesh is currently starting…" but never happen! 🙁

    Try to close Live Mesh. Run:

    regsvr32.exe ole32.dll

    And start Live Mesh again.

    It helps me.

  79. Can i get a invitation for mobile use? Or can you tell us when to expect more invitations.

  80. Shawn says:

    I added my Pictures folder to Live Mesh today and, suddenly, I only have 66MB of images (rather than the 2GB I started with). Is the "missing" files issue fixed? I’m freaking out a bit here. What can I do to restore my files?

  81. MSDN Archive says:


    We take any potential data loss very seriously, and would like to help you resolve the problem right away.  If you could send your Live Mesh logs to, we’ll help you immediately.  If you need instructions for collecting the logs, please see the "How to Submit Bugs and Live Mesh Logs" Announcement on our support forums:

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