New Live Mesh videos up today

While you're waiting for the beta update to complete, The beta update is complete, but still: why not entertain yourself with the latest and greatest Live Mesh video content?  Posted fresh today:

Ori Amiga's amazing Live MeshMobile (pronounced, Ori asks us to tell you, like 'BatMobile' 🙂 demonstration:

Ori Amiga: MeshMobile

Noah Edelstein gives a tour of the new Mac client:

First Look: Live Mesh Client for Mac


If you're interested in more details on the Live Services and Live Framework that you can use to make your own applications interact with data and devices in the Mesh, Ori's PDC session is a must-watch:


Comments (5)
  1. swhs24 says:

    Did all the updates succesfully load? I’m not able to try the option for the mobile mesh.

  2. Seth says:

    Ever since this update, Moe.exe has been using 50-90% cpu making my computer unusable.

  3. Steffen says:

    Intel only? Says it’s unsupported on my PowerPC Mac.

    Live Mesh is great – its present state and its promise. Great work, ladies and gentlemen.

  4. Remco Ploeg says:

    Great video! Where can I get this automotive application 🙂

  5. Jovialn says:

    Does p2p sync transfer data over web even when both machines are in the same network?  Or is there some smart sense which understands that the 2 devices need not sync over web but can sync data (excl metadata) over lan.

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