Live Services and Mesh at PDC

PDC opens tomorrow, and while we previously pointed out some of the key Mesh-related Live Services content, we've changed our titles and released information on a few more sessions.  So here's a refreshed list of ways to find us at PDC.  Keep in mind that a recording of each session should be at the URLs below within 24 hours after the session completes.  We'll also have some cool content coming on channel 9 and 10, we'll be posting links as that all comes online.

Monday: we don't have any Mesh-related sessions on Monday, because we're saving some fun announcements for David Treadwell's keynote Tuesday morning.  You'll be able to find us for a chat in the Big Room, though -- look for the Live Services demo station just to your right as you walk in the main doors to the lounge/labs area, aka The Big Room (in the printed mini-guide, we're the area shaded dark red on the LACC Floor Plans page).  10 points and an invite to drinks with the Live Services team to anyone who can make us break and spill the beans before the keynote (and -100 points and booth cleanup duty to any team member who becomes a bean spiller 😉

Tuesday: after the keynote ends, the Mesh fun begins!




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Comments (3)

  1. Eden says:

    Is Live Mesh becoming Live Services or just a part of Live Services? Probably the latter is the right guess, but I’m slighly confused with Live Services using the Mesh’s pretty logo. I guess it is also possible that Live Mesh will be a back-end platform for all these live services.

  2. @Eden: see, "Live Mesh is a platform experience that is natively integrated with the Live Services component of the Azure Services Platform – it makes the core functionality of Live Services available to users. "

  3. David Angers says:

    I just got home from PDC and went to try the Live Mesh CTP only to find out I was supposed to get a token at the Hands-On-Labs. Am I out of luck or can I still get a token/invite? I’m already in the Live Mesh Beta but I’ve been waiting a long time to program against it. Please help.



    davidangers at host

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