Heads up: required update to Live Mesh coming next week

With PDC just around the corner, we will be releasing the next update to Live Mesh, and it’s a major one. In fact, this is the most significant update to Live Mesh since we opened as a technology preview back in April. We know that many of you are going to be excited to see all the new features and fixes this release will bring (and there are a lot of them, many in response to your requests.)  In the spirit of openness with you, our technology preview customers, we’d like to take a little time today to talk about what the update experience is going to be like—and why.

For all the previous updates to Live Mesh that we’ve released since the tech preview began in April, customers were notified (via a little pop up above the Live Mesh notifier) that updates were available. When you were ready to update the Live Mesh software on your device, you clicked on that notification and the process began. If you chose not to update right away, though, that was okay—Live Mesh continued to work uninterrupted. With this update, however, things are going to be a little different. Specifically, all Live Mesh users will have to update their Live Mesh software to continue using the product. This time, you won’t be able to wait to update Live Mesh—in order to keep using it, you’ll have to update the software, and until you do that synchronization and Live Remote Desktop will not be available.  There is a fairly straightforward reason for this: we are upgrading our software and services to support an open beta, and to handle that scale we need to get all of our existing users onto these new systems quickly.  For this particular release, we are forgoing backwards compatibility in favor of making the new set of features as broadly available as possible.  Once you see how much Live Mesh has grown, we think you’ll agree that this was the right tradeoff!

We hope the advance warning reduces the amount of interruption this upgrade might cause. We will, of course, let you know before we begin to actually deploy the new update—we just wanted to make sure all our valued early adopters were “in the know” right from the start.

Stay tuned for lots of Live Mesh and Live Services news from PDC over the next week, and thank you to all of you for the great feedback you’ve provided over the last six months. Live Mesh wouldn’t be where it is today without all of you!

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  1. John L. says:

    I hope that the much-anticipated Mac client be part of this upgrade… *crosses fingers* 🙂

  2. Paul Smith says:

    Can’t wait to see how its shaping up!  Busy week coming up. 🙂

  3. slimCODE says:

    Windows Mobile support? Please, please, please? Can’t wait for PDC…

  4. Morgen32 says:

    O wow! Can’t wait!

    I really, really r-e-a-l-l-y love this product. It’s THE solution of synchronising data.

  5. Toph says:

    Thanks for the heads-up. Can’t wait to see what’s in store. Live Mesh has fundamentally changed the way I work. 🙂

  6. Lebo says:

    I hope I will be able to sync all my calendars.

  7. William says:

    Looking forward to it- appreciate the frequent and informative blogging

  8. Jamie M says:

    Any word on release date for the Mac client?

  9. CKurt says:

    Hope to see a lot of new or activated features and looking forward to building my first Mesh App !

  10. davidacoder says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I also hope you will have an option in the future a la "Always just install updates without user intervention". Why? Mesh updates are simply a major pain right now. I have about 10 devices in my Mesh, and when there is an update I have to manually approve it on all 10 machines, which seems completly unnecessary to me. Also, this update will be quite tricky: Some of the computers I have in my Mesh are in different countries, and I actually use Mesh to remotely access them. If I understand this correctly, I won’t be able to update them without actually going to those places, right? After all, if remote desktop stops working once the update is available, I won’t be able to access those computers to approve the update, correct?

    So, long story short, an option that continually updates all devices without users consent (and without logging into the computer) is very much needed 🙂

  11. Attention, attention all Live Mesh Tech Preview users! Next week Live Mesh will release a required update

  12. RayMetz says:

    Is Live Mesh the right software for my scenario?  I support two tiny retail businesses for my dad.  I want to keep some of his company PC files in sync with my work laptop.  I can know his password and have full access to all his PCs, but I don’t want him to have access to my work PC.  I also want to join other "meshs" at the same time like my personal mesh, and other friends and businesses I support using their account(s).  I want to be logged in to several mesh accounts at once and sync with different people, who have no access to my PC, only to the folders we’re syncing with.  They also shouldn’t access eachother’s files or know eachother exist.  Will Mesh security grow to support this?  or should I look for a different technology or continue to do it manually?  His accountant has a similar need.  She wants access to his sync folder, but can only use Live Desktop, because if she installs the client on her PC with his account, then he gets access to her PC.  She has several accounting clients too and it would be nice if she could securly sync with them all.  Maybe even have these extras as a paid service?


  13. Eugene says:

    Live Mesh is great as is. Seeing more features & functionality coming is wonderful. I’ve written a short post on one of the scenarios of using Live Mesh that I think has not yet been covered by many: <a href="http://blog.reactive-software.com/live-mesh-your-ultimate-home-backup-solution/">Live Mesh – your ultimate home backup solution</a>

    Looking forward to the update!

  14. Stefen says:

    Thanks for the early info, as a Live Mesh Beta user, I’d expect such info in the announcements newsgroup and/or in my inbox!

    Thanks, Stefen

  15. Simon's Blog says:

    Well folks it&rsquo;s about to start and its going to give us some great stuff to talk about and ponder

  16. MSDN Archive says:


    If I understand correctly the scenarios you’re interested in, I think you could accomplish all of it with Live Mesh by sharing out different Live Mesh folders in your mesh with different people (e.g., different folders with friends, family, or clients).  You can choose what to share with whom, and once additional membership roles are enabled, you’ll have finer-grained control over what level of access each member has to the data in those shared folders (e.g., read-only).

    If you have questions, or want to talk over scenarios in more detail, we have an active forum community you might want to look in on: http://social.microsoft.com/Forums/en/LiveMesh/threads/

  17. Lello says:

    Any ETA on the new version? or info about the new features?

  18. Live Mesh says:

    Whooooo boy, today is a big day for Live Mesh. We are about to begin rolling out an update which brings

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