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We're doing some server maintenance over the next couple days to update some of our configuration information.  During this time you may experience Live Mesh service outages, including Live Mesh folders that are not synchronizing, or an inability to establish Live Mesh Remote Desktop connections to your devices. We'll update here once we've completed this work.  Thanks for your patience as we get everything patched up.

UPDATE: We've completed the work mentioned above.  Some users have reported issues with their devices appearing in the offline state and not available for Live Remote Desktop connections.  To bring your device back to a healthy state, you need to exit and restart the Live Mesh client software, and then also stop and restart the Remote Desktop services (either net stop/start wlcrasvc, or just reboot).  Step by step directions are at under the "Live Remote Desktop Issue" thread.

Quick background: our updates this week involved a regularly scheduled update of some of the certificates we use to identify devices in the Mesh and to encrypt traffic sent to or through our servers.  We've discovered some cases where the client software doesn't pick up all the right updates unless you follow the particular order above (restart the client software/notifier first, then restart the remote desktop service.  As always, we appreciate your help in tracking down these kinds of issues in our Tech Preview.

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Comments (8)

  1. Over the next couple days the Live Mesh Servers will undergo some maintenance . During this time you

  2. manan says:

    Does this update have anything to do with Strata to be unveiled at PDC?

  3. Service UpdateThe’re doing some server maintenance over the next couple days to update some configuration…

  4. Rhett says:

    Is this why I can’t seem to connect to any of my remote machines today? (Oct 9th)

  5. MSDN Archive says:

    @ Rhett,

    If you’re still having this issue, please see the Announcements section of our support forums for more details:

  6. Keith Hill says:

    With this update, Live Mesh is leaking handles on one of my Vista SP1 PCs.  It is currently using 109,000 handles!  That’s a bit excessive don’t you think?  If someone on the Mesh team would like to try to remote debug this, I’m up for that.  It is a home PC behind a vanilla LinkSys router.

  7. Folini says:

    No sync on my devices…after some investigations…

    The service is down…


    The Live Mesh service is currently unavailable. Please try again later.

    (Code: e10568cc-b2f7, 10/24/2008 1:26 AM)

    What’s goin on?

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