Minor service update today

We will be rolling out a tune-up for the Live Desktop later today, July 21. There will be no update to the Live Mesh software.  You may notice a slowdown in service or some display issues while the servers update.  If you are still seeing these problems after the 21st, please report them on the forums or through Microsoft Connect.

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Comments (10)

  1. LiveGadgets says:

    PLEASE allow a mesh folder to be stored on a network drive.

  2. Alan Barber says:

    I’m going to second a request for folders or network drives.  

    At my workplace every user gets their own shared folder on the file server mapped as a Z: drive.

    As a developer I keep code examples, pdf manual, temp working directories, etc on it. I’d love the ability to just setup the whole Z: drive as a shared folder so i can keep it synced with my home computer.

  3. mark.farina@gmail.com says:

    Live Mesh needs to absorb Windows Live Folders. Both services are great…but they would be fantastic together!

  4. Jim says:

    I have one minor request. On the life desktop can you have the folders order like they do in windows. Right now it’s all alphabetical (files and folders) but it sure would be great to have it sort with folders first then files.

    minor inconsistency but it sure bugs me when i have folders inside of folders…

  5. Eltawil says:

    Great work guys!

    I still find Live Mesh Remote Desktop to be extremely slow in rendering the remote screen.

  6. William says:

    Just had a “there is an update” for Live Mesh.. (only installed it a few days ago on this system; but it was up-to-date then) I thought you say in your post that there is no change to the software *confused*. Otherwise please keep up this brilliant work – If im totally honest this has to be this most useful and potentially amazing out of Microsoft in years!

  7. pauly says:

    When can I develop on this platform?

  8. SoundForSound says:

    Have a way to remove items from the news or clear it.  It bothers me seeing stuff about old folders I had created / deleted.

  9. MSDN Archive says:

    @ LiveGadgets, Alan Barber, mark.farina, Jim, & SoundForSound:

    Thanks for the suggestions!  We’ve added your votes for these various features to our list!  You might also want to visit the Live Mesh forums Wish List sticky thread:


  10. MSDN Archive says:

    @ pauly

    We’ll have lots of things to say about developing for Live Mesh at PDC in October:


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