Service update: new build released (2815.17)

We're continually working to fix bugs reported by our Tech Preview users, as well as implement popular feature requests (hello UAC ;). We pushed a new update out last night (version 0.9.2815.17) that includes some key fixes noted below. You'll be automatically notified of the update by your Live Mesh client software, or you can right click the Notifier icon in the system tray and choose "Update Live Mesh" to force an immediate upgrade.

Thank you for all your great feedback, and keep it coming!  You can submit (and view others’) feedback and bugs here on the Microsoft Connect website.  Read and participate in the forums for current discussions about fixes, problems, and ways people are incorporating Live Mesh into their daily routines.  Send us private feedback using our online contact form.


  • Live Mesh is now available in all English-speaking countries (not just the U.S.)

  • Removed the User Account Control (UAC) requirement when installing and using Live Mesh with Windows Vista SP1 (as promised)

  • Index for Desktop Search now works with Live Mesh folders

  • Fixed bug where an underscore in a Hotmail account name returned an “Invalid Hotmail Address” error

  • Fixed bug with Silverlight 2 Beta 2 failing to load in Silverlight Media View

  • Fixed bug where the notifier tooltip incorrectly indicated that Live Mesh Remote Desktop was unavailable for a computer running in non-admin mode

  • Fixed bug where the Live Mesh folder icon was not displayed in the e-mail inviting someone to share a folder

  • Fixed one of the bugs that caused Live Mesh to fail to start

  • Fixed problem with Live Mesh returning errors when waking from sleep/hibernate

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Comments (20)
  1. Gahgah says:

    Hey guys,

    thanks a lot. This programm is the reason why my WinXP is something between German and English…I really love the Mesh. The idea is great and for me it works pretty good.

    Any news on the mobile client. For me that would make so much sense. I really "need" that client…i have couple of ideas if i could only get that cab 😉

    So could you give any update on that?

    Greets from Germany


  2. Any idea why my monitors flashed three times while installing live Mesh?  It was right before the install finalized.

    Other than that, smooth install.

  3. Why did Microsoft choose to leave out XP x64 users? If it works with Vista x64, why not XP x64?

    I am very dissatisfied, and am looking to other solutions like Dropbox.

  4. I kinda liked that UAC was required when installing and using live. It was adding another reason why to keep UAC enabled.

    However, when will we see fixes/updates to live desktop? Like the underscore problem is STILL happening and it’s pretty annoying in some scenarioes.

    However, the desktop client really works awesome, and i use it every day! It really became one of my basic programs I use each day. (While use is a big word, cause I aint doing anything, live mesh does :P)

  5. msftguy says:

    Does not install on Server’08, guys – that’s unacceptable.

    Us poor Windows Server 2008 users can use ‘-Force’ command line option to install new client. Would be better if this flag was somehow documented (-Help does not work for me).

  6. Kurt Callemin says:


    Could one of you tell me what the difference between "Live Mesh" and "Windows Live Foldershare is" ?

    thank you so much,

    you can reach me at kurt at callemin dot be

  7. Mel Grubb says:

    It’s still not working for me.  I had to re-enable UAC and reboot in order to do the update, but when I turned UAC back off and rebooted again, Mesh won’t start up.  I briefly see a message about "Vista RTM restriction", and then it shuts itself down.

    Any ideas?

  8. John says:

    excellent news about the uac removal!!!

  9. ken shaver says:

    Nice and smooth so far but we need mobile access.

  10. MSDN Archive says:

    @Frederick Ding

    We do not currently have plans to support Windows XP 64-bit edition.  We are, however, open to feedback on that decision.  You may want to visit our forums and make a request for 64-bit XP support in our Wish List sticky thread.  We are constantly revisiting decisions like this one in response to customer suggestions, so it’s definitely worth it to let us know what you’d like to see going forward.

  11. Jordan Mills says:

    Looking better and better, guys.  Thanks for all the work.  It’s really good to see you meeting these feature requests.

  12. John says:

    I removed the old Live Mesh from my puter. Where do I download the software to install again?

  13. olivierm says:

    Tried to install this on a french version of vista SP1 and XP SP3, but impossible to install. Guess it is due to english only install files. When will a true international version be available ? or a french one ?

  14. David says:

    It would be cool if Zune could become a Mesh Device. It has the WIFI radio in it so it is pretty much ready for the net.

    Also, it would be cool if applications can be ran from the Mesh Desktop. Microsoft Office is one good canadate that could be ran though Mesh Desktop.

  15. SaturdayNigth says:

    please allow to configure the screen color quality to improve the speed navigation.

  16. Tom says:

    @Chris McQueen

    Installation of a display Adapter for the remote desktop feature.

  17. Trevor says:

    Sadly this update killed Mesh on this machine and even re-installing will not fix it…(my other machine updated okay)

    Worse still my support mails come back because the mailbox is full!

  18. Dan says:

    Is there availability to add a member, who is already part of one folder, to another folder without re-inviting that person?

  19. Crash says:

    Kurt Callemin,

    Folder share is very basic with limited sync. Mesh of course is incorperating all sync and share capabilities for every device in your home, office or corp.

  20. MSDN Archive says:


    Right now, adding a member to a folder always requires a new invitation so that the person can choose whether or not to accept.

    An option to "always accept folder invitations from so-and-so" could be a good feature request, though.  Please feel free to add any suggestions you might have to the Wish List sticky on the Live Mesh forums.

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