Service update: email invitation outage

Yesterday (May 12th) we experienced an email service outage from approximately 12:30pm to 8:00pm PST.  If you invited anyone to share a folder during this time, they likely did not receive the invitation email.  We don't yet have support for re-sending an invitation, so for now the best option is to remove any impacted users and then re-invite them.

To re-invite a user:

  1. Delete the pending invitation
    1. Sign in to Live Mesh at
    2. Click on the Desktop button to view the Live Desktop
    3. Locate your folder on the Live Desktop and double click it
    4. On the right hand side of the folder view you will see the Live Mesh bar, click on Members at the bottom of the bar
    5. Confirm that the person you invited is still listed as being in the Pending state
    6. Click on Edit
    7. Select the person and then click Remove
    8. Now click OK
  2. Re-invite the member
    1. While still in the Live Desktop view of the folder that you want to invite the member to, click on Add
    2. Type the email address of the person you would like to invite to the folder
    3. Click OK

Thank you for your understanding and for participating in the Live Mesh Tech Preview to help us make a better product.

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