Live Mesh service upgrade

We started deploying an update a few hours ago which is causing some temporary website issues. You might notice icons or buttons missing when visiting or accessing your Live Desktop. These issues will disappear as soon as we’ve completed the servicing process.

If you were using Live Mesh between 12:30pm PST and 2:30 pm PST time and are experiencing these issues, deleting your temporary internet files should fix things back up. Here's how to do that using Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Today’s update includes:

· Performance and reliability fixes based on Tech Preview customer feedback.

· Fixes to the Live Desktop Silverlight player to address common customer reported errors.

If you are still experiencing issues, please report them to the Live Mesh Forum and we will investigate shortly.

Thank you for your participation and feedback,

The Live Mesh Team

 [Update 6:15pm PST: the upgrade has completed]

Comments (1)

  1. Avatar says:

    Now it is faster and consistent. and i also saw that it now plays WMV video.. there is still the need for a full view control so we can see pictures and video with a better experience. but glad to see it improving fast.

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