Working with Access databases that live outside of a Web site

We had a customer recently, who needed to access an Access database from both a classic ASP page and from another Access database. To prevent the database from being locked by IIS, the customer wanted to know if they could move the database out of the Web site directory. By default, FrontPage expects the database…


Password Protecting Web Pages

John Jansen, one of the FrontPage testers, sent me these three different ways to password protect pages in FrontPage. Using a FrontPage site template and ASPUsing Code SnippetsUsing ASP.NET To password protect pages using a FrontPage site template and ASP Here are specific steps to password protect pages using features built into FrontPage: From the…


Creating a CSS File for your Web site

Dave Berry wrote an excellent article about Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) on MSDN (Using Cascading Style Sheets on Your Web Site), so I won’t bore you with the details of CSS.  However, one reader commented that the article didn’t cover how to create an external CSS file.  This is very easy, so here’s how. Say…


Customizing IntelliSense

If you’ve worked with Code view in FrontPage 2003, you’ve undoubtedly come to appreciate IntelliSense. But what if you need an element or attribute that isn’t included in any of the default HTML schemas? For example, W3C accessibility guidelines include a headers attribute for TD elements. If you frequently use the headers attribute, love hand…


Modifying the FrontPage Date/Time Web Component

If you’ve ever inserted a date or time using Date and Time on the Insert menu in FrontPage, you may have wondered how you can change the date and/or time format. Well, you’re not alone.  We recently had the following comment from a customer asking for just this kind of information. I want to know…


Choosing Colors for your Web Site

Whether you’re creating your first Web site or you’re a seasoned Web designer/developer, choosing colors is always problematic. You want to make sure that the color gives the right impression. As Katherine Nolan points out in her article Color it effective: How color influences the user on Office Online, no color is either positive or…


Creating Image Mouseovers

After I learned JavaScript, the first thing I did was create an image mouseover. The one I created was relatively simple, just a few lines of code. I’ve since seen many more complex examples that do basically the same thing as my simple little script. I’m not sure whether complex is better…although the complex examples do have…


Creating a scrolling marquee

In FrontPage, you can create a scrolling marquee by clicking Insert and Web Component. (You can find it listed under Dynamic Effects.)  However, sometimes it’s greyed out. This is because FrontPage inserts a MARQUEE element, which is only viewable from Internet Explorer. (Opera also displays the MARQUEE element properly.) To be able to add a…


Creating an RSS Feed

I’ve had several people ask me lately and have seen questions on Office Online about how to create an RSS feed. For those of you who don’t know what an RSS feed is, it’s something that people can use to keep up to date with the content on a site. Generally, sites that frequently publish…


Display a different image inside a data view web part based on data in the XML

If you use lists in Web sites based on Windows SharePoint Services, this tip is for you. John Jansen, a tester on the FrontPage test team created a tip for how to display a different image depending on the value of a list item. See how on the FrontPoint blog.