Creating a JavaScript Drop-Down Menu in FrontPage

We posted a new article on MSDN about creating JavaScript drop-down menus. If you read my earlier post about creating a drop-down menu, you may be interested in this article. The article uses a somewhat different method to show and hide menus than the code I showed earlier and also provides an example for cascading…


New Article: Working with HTML Using the FrontPage 2003 Object Model

Yesterday we posted on MSDN a new article called, Working with HTML Using the FrontPage 2003 Object Model.  Here’s the summary: Learn how to use the Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 Visual Basic for Applications object model to programmatically add or modify the HTML in a Web page.


XML Data Islands in Web Pages

I get an e-zine called asp.netNOW from  Today, there was an article about using XML data islands in Web pages that I wanted to pass onto you. You may not know that Internet Explorer provides an XML element that you can use to embed XML directly into an HTML page. I’ve always been fascinated…


New Article: Creating Managed Add-ins for FrontPage 2003

Hi, everyone, We published a new article called, “Creating Managed FrontPage 2003 Add-ins in C#.” Learn how to create a managed add-in for FrontPage 2003 using Visual Studio .NET and Visual C# .NET. The download that accompanies this article contains the form and code files for the Insert Images add-in project discussed in this article….


Introduction to Web Technologies

We just posted a new article for beginning Web developers called Introduction to Web Technologies for FrontPage Users. This article is designed specifically for FrontPage users who are looking to make a leap from WYSIWYG designing of Web pages to programming and developing Web applications.


New Article: Sending Custom EMail

Hey, ho… We just published a new article, Sending Custom Email. It’s actually a reprint of an article on the companion CD of Jim Buyens’ book, “FrontPage 2003 Inside Out” published by MS Press. This article, the four reprint from Jim’s book, shows how to use classic ASP to send custom email from a FrontPage…


Stuff …

Moving, et al My date with the moving van went well … sort of. Long story, short: I bought my first house and moved from an almost 1500 square foot condo to a less than 1000 square foot house. I comfort myself with the knowledge that a house is a better investment than a condo,…


Customizing Code Snippets in FrontPage 2003

Dail Magee Jr. here, filling in for Lisa: While we’re awaiting word from Tech·Ed, I wanted to let you know that we’ve published a new article, Customizing Code Snippets in FrontPage 2003. From the introduction: “Have you ever found yourself typing the same code over and over again? If you’re like me, you keep a…


Validating Form Fields Using JavaScript

We’ve published the following article on MSDN: “Validating Form Fields Using JavaScript in FrontPage” at