It’s been a long time since I posted.  There are many reasons for this, but mostly, I’m not working with FrontPage anymore.  For the next release of FrontPage, there are a lot of changes happening.  One of the largest is a stronger focus on SharePoint and SharePoint site design and development and less focus on…


Online JavaScript Calculator

There are many online calculators. You’ve probably seen, and perhaps used, several. Some calculate mortgage payments, others calculate costs, and even more calculate goofy things, like the number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds since you were born. Here’s a calculator that calculates … well … anything. It’s a Windows-like calculator that’s similar to the…


Blog Comments

I usually always try to respond to comments to my blog, but lately, we’ve had some disconnects with comments being sent in email, so I thought I would respond to a few recent comments. If I’ve missed your comment, please forgive me and feel free to send me mail using the Contact link in my…


Working with Access databases that live outside of a Web site

We had a customer recently, who needed to access an Access database from both a classic ASP page and from another Access database. To prevent the database from being locked by IIS, the customer wanted to know if they could move the database out of the Web site directory. By default, FrontPage expects the database…


JavaScript 101: Working with Events

It has been awhile since my last JavaScript 101 post. I apologize. I have a very lame excuse: I’ve been busy. But I’m back with the next installment: working with events. Most JavaScript events are relatively simple and easy to use. For example, clicking on a button, an element, or a page. There are some…


New FrontPage Developer Portal … Sort Of

During the past several months (about eighteen, to be exact!), we’ve been working to redesign the FrontPage Developer Portal on MSDN. If you’ve ever designed (or redesigned) a Web site, you understand the challenges that can arise. After several starts and stops, a great deal of research, and many discussions with stakeholders across Microsoft, I’m…


Password Protecting Web Pages

John Jansen, one of the FrontPage testers, sent me these three different ways to password protect pages in FrontPage. Using a FrontPage site template and ASPUsing Code SnippetsUsing ASP.NET To password protect pages using a FrontPage site template and ASP Here are specific steps to password protect pages using features built into FrontPage: From the…


JavaScript 101: Writing Your First Script

You can arm yourself with all the background information that you want, but the easiest way to learn JavaScript is to just jump in and start writing code. So let’s start with something simple for your first script. The window object contains all the other objects in the DOM, plus properties, methods, and events for…


IE User Agent

I apologize for not posting much lately. I have the next installment of JavaScript 101 almost ready and will post it as soon as I have a chance to finish it. I’ve been hard at work writing the doc plan for the next version of FrontPage. No, I can’t share what’s planned (for articles or…


JavaScript 101: The JavaScript Object Model

If you talk to several different Web developers, each will probably see the JavaScript object model differently. To make it easiest, I’m going to split the JavaScript object model into two separate entities. One is the DOM, or Document Object Model, and the other is “everything else.” The DOM Let’s first start with the DOM….