It's been a long time since I posted.  There are many reasons for this, but mostly, I'm not working with FrontPage anymore.  For the next release of FrontPage, there are a lot of changes happening.  One of the largest is a stronger focus on SharePoint and SharePoint site design and development and less focus on Web development. You can read more about the changes to FrontPage for the next version in Rob Mauceri's blog. I haven't been working with FrontPage nearly as long as Rob, but I have worked with several other Web development apps, and the changes that they made to the FrontPage code this time around are, in a word, incredible. Rob explains what these features are, so I won't go into detail. Please look at his blog for more information

However, as a result of these changes, they didn't really need me anymore. Since I write about code and developer stuff and not so much about design or UI stuff, so I've gone back to working on Word for the time being. As a result, I won't be posting anymore about FrontPage (thus the name change), but I won't be posting about Word either, so this won't become a Word programming blog. (I actually think there are plenty of those, Brian Jones blog being the predominant one for Office 12 changes.) I'll just write about the things that interest me. The next time I post something I've been doing lately.

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