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I've seen several people asking for a version of FrontPage for Mac, so I wanted to start this week with a post telling those who are interested in getting a Mac version of FrontPage, that as far as I am aware, Microsoft has no plans on releasing any more versions of FrontPage for the Mac.

As far as where you might buy a copy of the 1.0 version of FrontPage for Mac, unfortunately, I have no idea. A version of FrontPage for Mac hasn't been release for about six or seven (maybe more) years, so it's pretty much off the market and Microsoft no longer supports it.

I have no recommendations for a comparable product for Mac, but perhaps someone out there does and will post a comment with a URL.

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  1. Tina Clarke says:

    When I get asked this I usually tell people to look on Ebay or CNet. That’s really the only place it’s going to be found. There used to be some sites around with help but no longer. Though I’ve never seen this version I think that fp97 help sites might provide the most similar help, and of course you can always request books from the libary.


  2. wayno says:

    Maybe I can help you out with a copy of FrontPage for Mac.

    I bought a Shrikwrapped version last fall at a local thrift Store…


  3. lady says:

    flashmacromedia works

  4. MJ says:

    Is it possible to run newer versions of frontpage with virtual pc 7?

  5. Hardik says:

    You would love the Dreamweaver. its an awsome thing for webdesigning for macintosh. you can even put flash files and bunch of other stuff that fp can not even dream about. try it

  6. tone says:

    I have dw & fw 8, got it frm a firend he wanted me to try it. but it’s tough. However I did find this guy at poisonappleshirts com he startes out small with his business and he used FP for his site.  It seems to work well, I have nothing against companies Microsoft, or any others out there I used any app to get the job done, Corel, Adobe, Macro, Multiad, etc… All these apps have their limit. As for a web page DW rocks but if FP can help in producing a easy to move trough web page where you can go read nice fonts, nice pics, and you can install the paypall and links… then why knock it. FYI I’m a graphic designer (close to 11years) I also work on macs. They rock.

  7. Ben Piershale says:

    Yeah you can use a newer version of Frontpage with virutal PC.

    That’s what I do, it works a little bit slower, but it works.

    Of course you can always get Virtual PC off of Limewire, but you didn’t hear that from me. 🙂

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