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Moving, et al

My date with the moving van went well ... sort of. Long story, short: I bought my first house and moved from an almost 1500 square foot condo to a less than 1000 square foot house. I comfort myself with the knowledge that a house is a better investment than a condo, and I have a garage, which at the moment is still filled with boxes.  It will take time to find room for everything, either that or donate it to charity.

While I was out, Dail took good care of you posting Eray's comments about Tech Ed.  Eray got busy during the final days at Tech Ed but has promised to send a final wrap up later today.  I'll post it as soon as I get it.

New Article Published

We publised a new article on MSDN called, Automating Repetitive Tasks in FrontPage 2003.  This is an article for advanced end-users who want to automate tasks that they consistently perform.  To follow Dail's lead, here's a quote from the introduction:

Do you ever find yourself performing the same steps over and over again? Perhaps you publish the same Web site to several locations and find yourself repeatedly typing the Web addresses into the Publish dialog box every time you need to publish the site. Or perhaps you want to add a reference to an external style sheet to every page in your Web site and don't want to open every page to paste the necessary HTML. Macros can help.

Call for Ideas

For some time I've wanted to ask everyone for suggestions for article ideas.  Some of you have submitted article ideas in the form of comments, and I have tried to respond to each of you in one form or another.  Thank you for your ideas.  We want more....

The FrontPage portal on MSDN is designed for Web developers of all skill levels and developers who want to extend the FrontPage application.  Unfortunately, we don't have a great way of determining, other than through feedback and ratings, what type of content to produce.  Therefore, I'd like to ask you to post any ideas you may have for articles related to FrontPage development that you would like to see.

One of the hottest topics currently is working with ASP.NET and ASP.NET controls.  We have published several articles and have more in the works.  I am personally finishing up an article on creating managed add-ins and one that is an introduction to Web technologies for new and low-end developers.  I will next be working on an article on customizing IntelliSense (which I am hesitant to publish but which was requested).  We also have two or three articles planned that relate to working with SharePoint sites in FrontPage.

If you have any additional article ideas, please let me know.  I'll get them added to our list of ideas.

Comments (4)

  1. denis says:

    Few months ago I’ve read an article in real estate section of SJ Mercury News. Author was saying that in the last few years condos and TH was appreciating faster then single family homes.

  2. Lisa Wollin says:

    I suppose this depends on where you buy. The research I did before buying said that for the Bellevue/Redmond, Washington area, homes are appreciating faster than condos and townhomes. I recently learned that this is as much as 9%+ annually. Not a bad ROI.

  3. robertk says:

    I am facinated how FrontPage reports works with SharePoint/IIS any insight, means to automate reports into WebParts etc would be greatly appreciated!

  4. Lisa Wollin says:

    Thanks! I’ll add this to our list. I know we have several SharePoint interop articles planned, but I’m not sure there are any specifically about IIS in that group.

    You might also check out This site is all about customizing SharePoint sites using FrontPage. There is a bunch of information and how to’s related to interactive buttons and link bars, and there are many links to places where you can find more information.

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