BASTA! in Germany, VB CTP for Windows Phone, TechEd Africa, SoCal Code Camp

After a busy month of travel, I finally made my way back to Seattle. As promised, here are the materials from all the talks and events. BASTA! in Mainz, Germany BASTA! is a third party conference, led by Software & Support Media GmbH. Software & Support Media publishes magazines, hosts conferences, and manages websites with…


VS 2010 Training for Japanese Customer Visit

We had a Japanese customer in town for training last week and I presented a 2.5hr training on Visual Studio 2010. It was fun to meet everyone and answer questions on the release! I promised to share the deck and have uploaded it to my blog. The code can be found on Code Gallery.


Q&A: Microsoft’s Lisa Feigenbaum Talks About C#

I recently completed an interview with Michael Desmond, Editor in Chief of Visual Studio Magazine at 1105 Media. Visual Studio Magazine had released a .NET Insight newsletter featuring in-depth coverage of the C# programming language, and wanted to follow it up with an interview with the product team. You can find the full interview on…


VS 2010 Presentation: A Lap Around Visual Studio 2010 for C# & VB Developers

I recently presented a “Lap Around VS 2010 for C# & VB Developers” presentation at Microsoft TechReady. TechReady is a semi-annual internal technical conference for Microsoft employees. (More info here:!/TechReady.) Most TechReady session materials are Microsoft confidential. However given that my presentation was on released technology, it was not confidential. In fact, one of…


VS 2010 Keyboard Shortcuts for C#, VB, C++, F# Now Available in Letter (8.5x11in) and A4 (210×297mm) Print-Ready Sizes

Thanks for all the feedback on the Visual Studio 2010 Keyboard Shortcut Posters. We’ve released new versions to take into account your requested changes: – Create 8.5”x11” Letter-sized print-ready documents – Create 210x297mm A4-sized print-ready documents – Remove the people images and keep the space for content DOWNLOAD HERE VISUAL C#   VISUAL BASIC  …


Visual Studio 2010 Productivity Power Tools – Updated with Tools Option Support and More!

For those of you who enjoyed the 1st Productivity Power Tools release, be sure to download the latest version released this week! There are a number of changes, including requests from your comments on this blog. 🙂 The most popular request was the ability to have more granular control of which features are enabled, and…


Visual Studio Language & IDE Resources from TechEd North America 2010 (C#, VB, F#, IronPython, IronRuby)

It was a great week at Tech·Ed North America in New Orleans! The conference ended on Thursday, and there are lots of great recordings and resources now available on-demand. Below are a series of slides and videos from the Languages-related sessions at the event. For other sessions, please review the full TechEd Session Catalog and…


Visual Studio 2010 Pro Power Tools Released Today

One of the great aspects of the Visual Studio 2010 release is the extensibility support. The VS 2010 Editor is re-written in WPF, providing rich IDE experiences in the box, as well as new extensibility APIs that enable the creation of more powerful extensions out of the box. To support these extensions, the Visual Studio…


Visual Studio Languages Items Available for Purchase Order

If you’re attending TechEd North America or one of the upcoming Languages user group tours, you’ll have an opportunity to score some cool Languages SWAG. 🙂 However, we’ve also received requests from people wanting to order supplies for their own community events or to bring them to their team at work. Here is the ordering…


How to Customize the XML Comments that are inserted by the Visual Basic Code Editor?

Visual Basic XML Comments were first introduced in Visual Studio 2005. They can be used to create documentation for your project, and to provide a rich IDE experience for others using your code. For more information on XML Comments, please read my full article in MSDN Magazine here. This blog post focuses on the specific…