Visual Studio 2010 Books on C#, Visual Basic, F#, VS IDE, and VS Extensibility

I often get asked for good VS 2010 book recommendations on the topics my team (VS Pro) is working on: C#, VB.NET, F#, VS IDE, VS Extensibility. Here are some recent titles to check out. You can also find a growing list on our MSDN developer centers:


C# 2010:


VB 2010:


F# 2010:


Visual Studio IDE – Tips & Tricks:


Visual Studio Extensibility:

Comments (8)

  1. Adam Granicz says:

    Just a short note: the Expert F# 2.0 book came out in 2010, not 2007.

  2. Thanks, Adam! I just fixed this typo.

  3. ashkan says:

    at the list above for visual basic

    Which one could be the best choice for beginners?


  4. Shekhar_Pro says:

    Nice to see you included C# in Depth and C# 4.0 in nutshell.

    Also this list is quite useful so i have it posted on my blog too (…/visual-studio-2010-books-on-c-visual.html)

    If you have any problem please tell (though i have already added an attribution to this post)

  5. says:

    am a computer science student form zambia and would like to thank you for the great work that your reputable organisation is doing.though outdated,wil try to cope with your  development in the world of programming. you works inspire me alot. whats life without computer programming,i wonder how it would be but great thanks to you guys.

    yours mathias luwaile

    from ZAMBIA

  6. hina vaja says:

    what is f# ?

    i want to know more about f# ?

    send more information to me at my email address.

  7. burhan says:

    plz tell me about books on c#  and f#

  8. kj says:

    i want best book for visual studio c++ 2010. plz suggest.      like sams book for vc++ 6 in 21 days

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