MSDN Webcast: Enterprise Library 4.1

Thanks for joining today’s webcast on the Enterprise Library!  An hour is a short time to get through all that goodness, but since I didn’t get to cover 5 of the 8 application blocks in depth, you can download demos and the slides below. Enterprise Library on MSDN: Library on Codeplex: to demos:…


MSDN Webcast: Composite Application Guidance (PRISM) for WPF and Silverlight

Thanks for joining me today, even though I went a little over time! Resources:Watch the webcast here: the slides: Codeplex page, with forums and such: Download Prism (with Quick Starts and documentation goodness):


MSDN Freedom Roadshow: Windows 7

I hope you enjoyed learning about some of the new features in Windows 7 and how to take advantage of them as a developer!  Below are some resources. Jeff Barnes blog (for the slides and demos): Windows 7: 7 Taskbar & Libraries.NET Interop Samples: Windows Team Blog: (for Developers:


MSDN Webcast: Silverlight Controls Framework

Thank you for joining my session today!  Here are some links to get you started. To watch the webcast: Webcast slides and code: Silverlight homepage: (Click on Get Started) Silverlight Controls Codeplex site:  


MSDN Webcast: XNA Game Studio 3.0

I hope you enjoyed today’s webcast on XNA Game Studio 3.0, here are some resources to explore! Webcast Recording: Webcast slides and code: Resources:XNA Creators Club: http://creators.xna.comVisual C# Express: Team Blog: Resources:


MSDN Webcast: ADO.NET Data Services

If you missed today’s webcast, you can catch it here: The slides and code are up on Windows Live Skydrive: Resources: Everything Data: Data Services: Entity Framework:  Please let me know if you have any questions!


MSDN Webcast: Tips & Tricks for the Visual C# Integrated Development Environment

Thank you for joining me today on my webcast!  If you missed it you can view it On Demand:  Some helpful resources: The slides of today’s presentation: Visual C# Keybinding Poster: Source Code Outliner Power Toy: 400+ task-based code snippets: Download CodeRush Xpress:  


In Jersey? MSDN Suburban Roadshow is tomorrow 2/12!

For you all New Jersey-ans, Peter Laudati ( and Bill Zack are kicking off their roadshow series tomorrow in East Windsor. In Peter’s own words:  This Thursday is the kick off of the Winter 2009 series of the MSDN “Suburban” Roadshow in East Windsor, NJ!  Bill Zack and I will be at Infragistics leading a…


MSDN Webcast: Overview of ASP.NET MVC

For anybody that missed the webcast today on ASP.NET MVC, you can view the On Demand recording here: I’ve uploaded the slides and demos to skydrive: Resources: has getting started, tutorials, documentation, and more! the codeplex site for the ASP.NET team, your portal for contributing to product development Stephen Walther on ASP.NET…


MSDN Webcast: ASP.NET 3.5 and Visual Studio 3.5 Overview

Here is the link to the slides and completed demos from todays webcast: If you missed it and want to watch it On Demand, go here: Please feel free to email me with any questions! Resources for ASP.NET: for ASP.NET Ajax a great JavaScript library for client-side functionality, will ship with…