Microsoft Sync Framework Webcast Follow-up

I hope you enjoyed my overview of the Microsoft Sync Framework!  Here are the informational links, if you didn't get a chance to copy them:

Microsoft Sync Framework:
Microsoft Sync Framework Forum:
Microsoft Sync on Code Gallery (download Contacts demo):
MSF at Mix '08: (search for Sync Framework)

Questions about the Sync Framework

Q:  Is it possible to do all this with Visual Studio 2008 Standard Edition?
A:  Yes, it's part of Visual Studio 2008.

Q:  Can SQLCE and SQL Express co-exist on the same client machine?
A:  Yes.

Q:  When does Microsoft Sync Framework RTM?
A:  RTM is targeted for Q3 of 2008.

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  1. Hexane says:

    This has been a great help.  It’s very helpful for getting data from a SQL server, into the .SDF file.  But my question, what is involved in getting the data from the .SDF file, into another data source such as a Microsoft Access file?  I think you kindly once again, very helpful.


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