Launch Event #2 down, 9 to go…

It was quite a memorable experience today in Harrisburg.  Due to an email typo, we had people show up for the event at 7am...they were 6 hours early!  That just means they got to sit in on the other tracks, so hopefully they got MORE information than what they were expecting. 🙂  I had the last session of the day and though the last demo didn't function as expected (I kept losing my db connection for some odd reason, so it wouldn't run), I had some great questions and keen interest in WCF/WF and the Microsoft Sync Framework.  This was my first launch session with this content, but I find it to be really good stuff, and for future events (see previous entries) I will DEFINITELY be incorporating more on the Sync Framework into my session - now that I can talk more publicly about it.  On Tuesday in New York I presented a different session, which was fun because it was the first dev session of the day and got people excited for what was coming up!

A lot of you guys who came to these events have asked for the slides and code, and I've asked if it will be posted to the Launch site.  If it isn't, I'll get permission to post it here.  Until then, visit the site and experience the Virtual Event to see it all again.  I'll keep you posted.

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