Speed up LightSwitch Development with “Edit & Refresh” (Sudhanshu Kulkarni)

In this post I’d like to discuss a feature of LightSwitch that helps speed up your development of HTML client applications. We first released this feature in Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 with the LightSwitch HTML Client and it is also available in Visual Studio 2013 Preview. Beth Massi briefly touched on some aspects of… Read more

SharePoint Hosting & Authentication Options for LightSwitch (Brian Moore)

Update: This post mentions autohosted apps for SharePoint.  The autohosted apps for SharePoint preview program is now closed.  For information about the closure of the program, see Update on Autohosted Apps Preview Program.    One of the many awesome things about LightSwitch is its flexible deployment model. When you design a LightSwitch application you are… Read more

Signed-In Part 5 – Search Screen and Dynamic UI (Andy Kung)

Welcome to the last installment of the Signed-In app walkthrough! In case you missed the previous posts: Signed-In Part 1 – Introduction Signed-In Part 2 – Upcoming Events Screen Signed-In Part 3 – Guest List Screen Signed-In Part 4 – Authentication and Branding We have built a cross-platform mobile app in the 4 part series…. Read more

Signed-In Part 3 – Guest List Screen (Andy Kung)

Welcome to part 3 of the Signed-In walkthrough! So far, we’ve got a mobile app that displays a list of upcoming events. It also allows you to add new events to the list. If you missed the previous posts you can read them here: Signed-In Part 1 – Introduction Signed-In Part 2 – Upcoming Events… Read more

Signed-In Part 2 – Upcoming Events Screen (Andy Kung)

In the last post, we gave an overview of the Signed-In app we are going to build. We created a LightSwitch project and set up our data. In case you missed it: Signed-In Part 1 – Introduction Now, we’re ready to start designing the UI. Create the First Screen Right click on HTMLClient node and… Read more

Signed-In Part 1 – Introduction (Andy Kung)

Before I show you all the wonderful things about LightSwitch, let me tell you a little story behind this post. I’m a college football fan. During the football season, I’d attend the game watching events organized by the local alumni association. At every event, the organizer would pass around a sign-in sheet, asking for basic… Read more

Designing for Multiple Form Factors (Heinrich Wendel)

Creating applications that run on a variety of form factors has become a necessity in an environment where applications live in the cloud and people bring their own devices to work, commonly referred as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). The range of devices was extended from desktops to smartphones and tablets as well. They have… Read more

A quick & easy LightSwitch app for SharePoint (Brian Moore)

I’m a Program Manager on the SharePoint features for LightSwitch. I’ll be honest… it’s taken me a while to warm up to SharePoint development. Prior to this release, my only exposure to SharePoint was with SharePoint 2010 and earlier. Perhaps you can relate, but I don’t get it. Why do people like SharePoint? Or SharePoint… Read more

Enhancing LightSwitch Controls with jQuery Mobile (Michael Zlatkovsky)

UPDATED on AUGUST 1, 2013 based on Visual Studio 2012 and Update 3. One of my favorite things about the LightSwitch HTML Client is how easy it is to create forms over data the “LightSwitch way”, and then jump straight into HTML for a bit of custom tweaking.  Because the HTML Client makes use of… Read more

New LightSwitch VS 2012 “How Do I?” Videos Released! (Beth Massi)

Check it out! We just released a couple new videos on the LightSwitch Developer Center’s “How Do I?” video section. These videos continue the Visual Studio 2012 series where we walk through the new features available in LightSwitch in VS 2012. How Do I: Perform Automatic Row-Level Filtering of Data? In this video, see how… Read more