Team Development Series – Part 5: Leveraging Code Analytics (Ravi Eda)

This article demonstrates the usage of code analytic tools available for LightSwitch in Visual Studio 2013. Analytic tools that will be covered include – Code Analysis, Code Metrics, Code Maps and Remote Debugging. Code analysis tools enable developers to improve their code. These tools help find code issues early in the development cycle, find bug… Read more

Team Development Series – Part 4: Testing the LightSwitch Application (Saar Shen)

Using Visual Studio 2013, we can create automated test projects like a Coded UI Test or aWeb Performance and Load Test to test LightSwitch Applications. A Coded UI Test is used for creating automated tests for the UI. A Web Performance and Load Test is used for creating performance and load tests for the server…. Read more

Team Development Series–Part 3: Leveraging Team Build in LightSwitch (Saar Shen)

What is Team Build? Team build lets you create and manage build processes that automatically analyze, compile and test your applications. Refer to the MSDN topic Build the application for more details on setting up team builds with Team Foundation Service (TFS) and Visual Studio. With LightSwitch in Visual Studio 2013 Preview, we’ve made it a lot… Read more

Team Development Series–Part 2: Best Practices for Source Code Control (Raghuveer Gopalakrishnan)

In this post, we will look at some of the best practices and patterns which will enable multiple developers to collaborate efficiently on a LightSwitch project. In Visual Studio 2013, there are several new features geared toward enabling team development like partitioned model files, flat project structure, and better integration with Source Code Control providers…. Read more

Team Development Series–Part 1: Introduction (Peter Hauge)

We recently announced a new version of LightSwitch available in Visual Studio 2013 Preview!  In this post we’ll discuss Team Development as one of our major investment areas for Visual Studio 2013 and how the latest version dramatically improves the experience working in teams on your LightSwitch project. Visual Studio LightSwitch is a rapid development… Read more