MSDN Magazine: Securing Access to LightSwitch Applications

Let’s face it: Implementing application security can be daunting. Luckily, Visual Studio LightSwitch makes it easy to manage permissions-based access control in line-of-business (LOB) applications, allowing you to build applications with access-control logic to meet the specific needs of your business. In this month’s issue of MSDN Magazine we’ve got a feature article on LightSwitch… Read more

Creating a Custom Add or Edit Dialog (Sheel Shah)

LightSwitch provides built-in functionality quickly add or edit data in a grid or list.  Unfortunately this modal dialog is not customizable.  In more complex data entry scenarios, the built-in dialogs may not fulfill your customer’s needs.  There are a couple of options in this situation. Provide specific screens for adding/editing records.  For extremely complex data… Read more

Excel Importer Updated for Web Applications

The most common feedback that we’ve heard about the Excel Import extension is that it doesn’t work for web applications.  Since we can’t access Excel from a web application, we’ve updated the extension to import data from CSV files in this situation.  For details on using the extension, please see How to Import Data from… Read more

Tips and Tricks for Using the Screen Designer (Sheel Shah)

The screen designer in Visual Studio isn’t a typical forms design tool. We strove to make it simple to get started using some predefined templates. However, it’s also pretty easy to customize the output of those templates to get exactly the screen you want. In this post, I’m going to walk through some tips and… Read more

LightSwitch Samples on the new Samples Gallery

A couple months ago MSDN released a new site for samples where product teams and the community can contribute code. We’ve been popping team samples up there as well, just look for the LightSwitch Team author: Download LightSwitch Team Samples Here’s a description of the ones we have up there so far: Visual Studio LightSwitch… Read more

How to Import Data from Excel

One of the more common requests from our customers is the ability to import data into LightSwitch applications. While this can be done programmatically, it’s pretty common to store data in Excel documents. This tutorial will walk through using an Excel Import extension that our team has built. Download the Excel Import Extension Functionality The… Read more

Channel 9 Interview: Walkthrough of a Real-World LightSwitch Application (Mike Droney, Sheel Shah, Beth Massi)

In this video, I interview a couple of LightSwitch team members, Mike Droney (Tester) and Sheel Shah (PM), as they walk me through a real application that was built for our Admins in order to track hardware assets across the developer division. Mike and Sheel talk about the requirement gathering and development processes as well… Read more

How to Communicate Across LightSwitch Screens (Sheel Shah)

One of the more common scenarios that we’ve encountered in business applications are data creation screens that involve related data. For example, an end user may be creating a new order record that requires the selection of a customer. In LightSwitch, this involves using a modal picker control. If this customer does not yet exist,… Read more

How to create a RIA service wrapper for OData Source

NOTE: LightSwitch in Visual Studio 2012 now supports OData natively. See LightSwitch Architecture: OData Introduction There has been a lot of discussion of whether there is OData support in Visual Studio LightSwitch. The answer is both Yes and No. No, there is no Native support for OData in version 1 of Visual Studio LightSwitch, but… Read more