New “How Do I…?” Videos and other Resources for Building Cloud Business Apps (Beth Massi)

We released the Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2013 – March 2014 Update on Monday which contains a ton of new features for Office 365 Cloud Business Apps and LightSwitch projects as well as apps for Office & SharePoint in Visual Studio 2013. If you haven’t done so already, please install this free update!… Read more

Tips and Tricks for Lync Integration (Nicole Haugen, Ravi Eda)

The Person Viewer and Person Picker controls were introduced in Visual Studio 2013 to support the Person data type which makes it easy to manage people-related data in your application. These controls depend on various components such as SharePoint, Lync, ActiveX and browser settings in order for them to display properly. Knowing a few simple… Read more

All About Newsfeeds With Your Cloud Business App (Nicole Haugen)

Cloud Business Apps in Visual Studio 2013 allow you to easily integrate with SharePoint and use the Office 365 collaboration and social features – including newsfeeds.  You can now expose entity data in your app as a newsfeed so that users can choose to follow your app and receive posts to their personal newsfeed each… Read more

Using the Person Business Type (Karol Zadora-Przylecki, Ravi Eda)

The Person business type is a new LightSwitch feature introduced in Visual Studio 2013. Its goal is to make it easy to add and manage people-related data in your application. In this post we will show you how to use the Person type and what it can do for you. Getting Started Suppose you are… Read more

How To Build an Office 365 Cloud Business App with Visual Studio 2013 (Andy Kung)

Office 365 is an ideal business app platform providing a core set of services expected in today’s business apps and a central location for installing, discovering, and managing apps. Office 365 makes these business apps available where users already spend their time – in SharePoint and Office. Visual Studio 2013 streamlines modern business app development… Read more

HTML Upload Control For LightSwitch SharePoint Apps (Matt Sampson)

Matt Sampson, Senior Tester on the LightSwitch Team, wrote an HTML Upload Control available on NuGet that you can use in your SharePoint-enabled apps. The control will upload any file to a document library. He wrote a post on his blog showing how to upload images with just a few lines of JavaScript code that… Read more

Using SharePoint Documents in LightSwitch HTML Client (Prem Ramanathan)

Visual Studio LightSwitch is a great development environment for writing line of business applications that provide a consistent mobile and desktop friendly user interface that talk to various data sources including ODATA, SharePoint and SQL. SharePoint has evolved as a great platform for sharing documents and files, but LightSwitch doesn’t provide any built-in way to… Read more

Customizing the SharePoint Chrome Control in LightSwitch

If you’ve done any LightSwitch apps for SharePoint you may have noticed that we incorporate a version of the SharePoint chrome control.  You may not have known what it was (or what it was called), but you do now.  You can also customize it and I’ll show you how.  I’m also going to cover a… Read more

Publishing LightSwitch apps for SharePoint to the Catalog (Brian Moore)

Ok, your app is done, you’ve learned how to authenticate it and publish it like I demonstrated in my previous post.  When you’re done with the publish wizard on a SharePoint app, you’ll see an explorer window open with folders for each version of your app.  Probably just so far – in the folder… Read more

Announcing the Release of the LightSwitch HTML Client!

On behalf of the LightSwitch team, I am proud to announce the release of the LightSwitch HTML client in Visual Studio 2012 Update 2! It’s been an exciting journey for us and we thank you for all your valuable feedback that got us here. LightSwitch in Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 (Note: if you are… Read more