Active Directory Group Support (Matt Thalman)

In Visual Studio 11 Beta, LightSwitch has introduced the ability to use Active Directory security groups to control access to the application. In the first release of LightSwitch, it was only possible to control access by registering each individual Windows user in the application. Application administrators can now register security groups as well. By adding… Read more

Creating a Custom Login Page (Matt Thalman)

Would you like a more customized login experience for the users of your LightSwitch application?  Perhaps the company logo needs to be prominently displayed or the company colors used as a theme?  Check out Matt Thalman’s new blog post featuring a step-by-step guide for creating a custom login page. Read: Creating a Custom Login Page for a LightSwitch… Read more

How to Elevate Permissions in Server Code (Ravi Eda)

This article introduces the concept of permission elevation in LightSwitch. It presents a scenario at a shipping department of a store to show the need for elevation of privileges. Code samples to add, remove and control the scope of elevation are included. Permission elevation in server code is a new feature introduced in LightSwitch Beta… Read more